Little Mermaid Ride - SPOILER ALERT

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    There was a scene-by-scene released of the ride:

    Scene 1 — The loading area features a panoramic mural with all the main movie characters and a seaside castle.
    Scene 2 — Audio-animatronic versions of Sebastian the crab and Scuttle the seagull set up the ride’s back story.
    Scene 3 — A blast of cold air and a visual illusion make riders feel as if they are submerging underwater as the clam shell vehicle descends into the heart of the dark ride.
    Scene 4 — Riders pass through Ariel’s treasure-lined mermaid grotto with sidekicks Sebastian and Flounder as the song “Part of Your World†plays.
    Scene 5 — Sebastian conducts an audio-animatronic orchestra of sea creatures in the ride’s main showroom to the tune of “Under the Sea.â€
    Scene 6 — In Ursula’s lair, riders pass under menacing rock work as henchmen eels Flotsam and Jetsam lurk nearby during the villainous sea witch’s big diva musical number “Poor Unfortunate Souls.â€
    Scene 7 — The clam shell vehicle appears to ascend from the ocean depths.
    Scene 8 — Ariel and Prince Eric kiss on a rowboat to the strains of “Kiss the Girl†as geysers spout water.
    Scene 9 — The spell-breaking kiss drives Ursula mad as “Love’s First Kiss†plays amid gathering storm clouds.
    Scene 10 — The “Happily Ever After†finale scene has been kept a closely guarded secret by Walt Disney Imagineers.
    Scene 11 — Riders unload as Ariel and Eric stand atop the castle, King Triton salutes them from the water and Sebastian waves goodbye.

    In 2013, a similar version of the Little Mermaid dark ride is scheduled to open in the retooled Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom near Orlando, Fla.
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