Mickey’s Circus Trading Event Coming to Epcot on the 7th - 9th September

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    The annual Disney Trading event returns to Epcot from the 7th to the 9th September, called “Mickey’s Circus.â€￾ The event will feature three days of trading, for both pins and Vinylmation.

    Jeanne Lewis, product developer for pins said “We wanted to give a nod to the new development taking place in Fantasyland. Knowing that Storybook Circus was opening there, we thought we could re-create a “circusâ€￾ in World ShowPlace at Epcot. With the bright colors and many circus acts, there seemed to be lots of great content for merchandise.â€￾

    There are approximately 26 pin items designed specifically for this event, including boxed sets, individual pins and even some Passholder-exclusive items.

    For Vinylmation, we are releasing some 9-inch and 3-inch figures designed by Disney Design Group artists Ron Cohee, Caley Hicks, Eric Caszatt and Monty Maldovan. I love Ron’s design for Ringmaster Mickey, which has a removable top hat.

    This year, the event will feature two days dedicated to pin trading. On Sunday, the entire day will be dedicated to Vinylmation.

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