My ADRs so far for our unexpected trip!

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    Oh my goodness!!! :bounce:

    Having just booked our January/February trip I figured I'd better get on with our ADRs!! We have never used the DDP before, but as it's free we are looking forward to taking full advantage of it as much as we can. It will cut our costs down quite a bit. On the Table Service meals we know we will spend quite a bit on wine, and on some appetizers, but it will help a lot, and we couldn't have afforded to go without the DDP this time round.

    The site was down for maintenance till this morning :toetap: but I have been making up for it all day! :D I do find it hard to plan in advance, so that has been a challenge in itself, but I have tried to work around EMH etc, and we can always change most of them when we get there.

    So, our ressies so far, for anyone who is interested, and to get things straight for myself, are:

    26th Jan: Arrival day! We have booked Olivia's at OKW, where we are staying, for 7pm. We arrive in Orlando at 14:50 and know we'll be too tired to go out anywhere else that night.

    27th: I don't think we'll book anywhere. We'll be up ridiculously early so will possible go to a diner at the Crossroads for a big brekkie to fill the time, then it's EMH AT MK! We'll go to DTD in the early evening and eat at T Rex if we can get in as we both think it's fun! We know we'll still be too tired to stay up late or eat anything posh!

    28th: Tutto Italia at 3pm - we love eating outside on the terrace there, it feels so much like being on holiday in Europe in the Summer!! And we will still be a little jetlagged so a late lunch rather than dinner will be good.

    30th: Chef Mickey's for brekkie!! Wave those napkins! :mickeybounce:

    2nd Feb: Narcoosees for dinner at 7:20 - neither of us have been before, and we need a couple of double-credit restaurants to make up for the evenings we're not using the DDP.

    3rd: San Angel Inn at 6:45. Yes, I know it's not authentic, but both is us are suckers for the beautiful romantic seating in there! Then pop into the tequila bar before staying to watch Illuminations

    4th: Le Cellier at 2:50. We haven't been before, and cannot get a time for dinner, so we thought we'd take what we could. It's EHM at EPCOT that night, so we may stay and drink ourselves around the world!

    5th: California Grill at 7:40 - another double credit. I know it can be hit and miss, but I love the view and Mr Deb has never been and wants to try it. We are there whilst Wishes is on so that will be lovely!

    6th: Fantasmic Package at Mama Melrose - the only package left for the Fantasmic days when we're there!! Earlier than we'd like, but I'm sure we will find stuff to do before the show at 7pm. Never eaten here, but the package is just one credit, and at least it means we will get a seat - we didn't get to go last year.

    8th: V&A!!!! We went last time, and swore we wouldn't go again without treating ourselves to a meal there. It is our early Valentine's meal as we won't be doing anything on the day when we get home :dine:

    We leave for home on the that's all we have booked for now. Still have a few more TS credits, so we may well have another charcter meal! We would like to try the Hacienda at EPCOT, and perhaps Coral Reef as we know nothing about it! But We are thinking we may need to steer away from EPCOT or we'll just be living therE
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    I'm so jealous sounds so exciting :)

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