Raglan Road in Downtown Disney - Celebrate St Patrick’s Day on 15th March

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    What better reason is there to eat and drink in March other than St. Patrick’s Day.

    The “feast day of St. Patrick,â€￾ has been observed in Ireland on the 17th March for centuries but Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant is starting a couple of days earlier.

    The 17th March falls during the fasting season of Lent, but on St. Patrick’s Day the prohibitions against eating meat were lifted, and the Irish would celebrate their patron saint with dancing, drinking, and feasting.

    The fun this year begins at the Downtown Disney restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort with Chef Kevin Dundon onstage for a four-course kickoff lunch and culinary demo at 1pm on the 15th March, Chef Kevin will show how to make each course, then you get to taste with wine pairings.

    This year's food is:

    A thick-cut of hickory-smoked Irish salmon served warm on buttered leeks with mead cream reduction;

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    Espresso of roasted tomato and gin soup;

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    Loin of traditional Irish bacon with Irish Mist glaze on colcannon potato with parsley cream sauce;

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    A jam jar of silky rhubarb jelly panna cotta.

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    Cost is $45 plus tax and gratuity.

    Call 407-938-0300 or 407-WDW-DINE, or visit www.raglanroad.com.

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    You know? That sounds really nice. :yes: Not an outrageous tab for a nice sounding meal (well, all but the icky salmon). :( (I know, I know, folks just love that stuff). :sigh:

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