Regarding eBay Sellers and/or Bad Trades/Sales/Purchases

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    Warning other pin trading/collecting community members of sellers who sell counterfeit and/or scrapped pins is a good thing. It teaches and reminds us, as consumers, that there are people out there willing to take advantage of those willing to invest in this hobby. Sellers try to take advantage by selling us counterfeits and scrappers, but are all sellers selling counterfeits and scrappers trying to take advantage of us? No.

    Pin selling can be very lucrative and, trying to move as much product as possible, even the most honest seller can unknowingly sell you a bad pin. The seller may not have considered, noticed, or even known of a pin's evidence of being counterfeited or scrapped. Therefore, with information gathered from fellow traders, collectors, and online communities, it is ultimately up to the buyer to discern a seller's intentions. Communication between buyer and seller is integral to the outcome of a satisfactory transaction. Yet, one must take into consideration this important fact: Regardless if a seller intentionally or unintentionally sells an inauthentic product, an item bought in a secondary market can never be guaranteed authentic. Appearance, packaging, and even receipts can be forged. Unless you purchase firsthand from a primary retailer, you cannot, with certainty, say that an item is 100% genuine.

    Remember there is no way to say a pin is 100% real inless bought from disney them self's.

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