The Buy/Sell/Exchange Forum Rules! (READ THESE BEFORE POSTING)

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Exchange' started by MickeyMouse, Sep 28, 2008.

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    The buy/sell/exchange forum is for personal not business use. Whether you're an advertiser or not, you must not use this part of the forum to advertise business goods or services. (advertisers have their own part of the forum to use for that)

    You may not advertise villas, tickets, vouchers or otherwise try and avoid paying to advertise on the site by using this informal forum.

    Any goods you try and sell must be as described. They must be legally allowed to be sold, owned by you. Selling of any pirated software/movies/music is completely prohibited as is selling of anything that may be offensive to the readership of a family forum (if you require clarification, please ask a forum host or admin BEFORE you post)

    Links to your ebay or other auctions are NOT allowed.

    For buyers and sellers:-
    Once you have agreed a sale, that sale should be considered by both parties to be a binding contract. The thread should be closed when an item is no longer for sale for any reason by posting to say "Item has now been sold, thank you!" or similar.

    The forum hosts reserve the right to delete or place on hold ANY post which they feel does not fit in with our forum guidelines.

    None of Disney Secrets owners, Moderators or Admins, have control over the items that are posted in the site, and cannot guarantee in any way the authenticity and quality of any product.

    Use of this site is at your own risk and content is presented 'As-Is'.

    By using this buy and sell forum, you agree not to hold, it's moderators, admins or owners, responsible in anyway for any transactions or problems arising from the use of this site to sell or purchase items.

    Rules aside, the reason this forum is here is to enable friends in this community to be able to buy/sell from/to people they can hopefully trust more than a stranger on ebay. This will only work as long as everyone is completely open and honest when buying/selling/exchanging.

    Please help us to make this a success by respecting the rules and your fellow members in any transaction
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