The Very last minute surprise trip....pre trippie

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    Well we are at the '27 days to go' mark and although maybe a little early for this with my new job and trying to keep this trip a secret from our princesses who are now obviously on summer hols from school I think it is going to be a case of write a couple of lines inbetween breaking up the sisterly bickering.

    Well where do we start, I know let me introduce us.

    Me - Trish 3rd time to the magic 2nd time as a family.
    Last time I was 'home' was 4 1/2 years ago when I married my amazing husband best friend and annoyance when I am trying to

    DH - Anthony or when I am being lazy typing Ant. Again 3rd trip

    DD 7 - Abigail, Abi, Boog, Boo, Snail or many many others that she tends to get.
    This will be her 2nd trip, last time we were there it was her 3rd birthday and she is on count down to her 10th birthday when she thinks she is going back

    DD 6 - Gabriella, Ella, Ella Bella, Bella. She is the nutty one of the family and has us constantly in stitches. This is also her 2nd trip although she was only 18 months last time so can remember very little of it.

    Before I get onto everything else, incase you have missed any of my posts over the past few months let me explain a few things about this trip.
    We were not supposed to be going back to Orlando until next year, DH had surgery on both of his knees last year (surgery he had needed for a few years but because of the risks they wanted to try everything else first which is also the reason we haven't been back sooner) and because he hasn't recovered as quickly as we had hoped we had originally decided that it would be best to wait one more year. Then the bomb shell hit, I am a travel agent and I was working from home for Tui travel (Thomson and First Choice which are huge tour operators in the UK) a couple of months ago I went on our normal friday morning conference call to get the news that we were being made redundant. To cut an extremely long story short we took the decision that because I was going to loose my £1500 concession discount if we did not travel within the next 3 months that we should go this year instead. Now because we have brought everything forward a year there have had to be several changes in our original plan because of finances not being in place by the fact of us loosing a years worth of saving.

    We had decided that we really wanted to make this trip a surprise, luckily Abi thinks we are going back when she is 10 and ella is 9 so we have been able to ask them their opinion on a couple of things by using this (thank goodness they have no concept of time when years are involved)

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