There’s Darth Vader playing the violin – Day 12: 100 Mile House – Whistler

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    By now it felt as though we had been away for ever and there were still a couple of days to go!

    We had a lot of miles to cover again so we were up at 6:45 and after putting the cases outside at 7:15 it was over to Tim Horton’s for our last bagel with strawberry cream cheese of the holiday – I must try making some of that over here.

    We were on the road by 8:30 and our first stop was a photo stop at the Painted Chasm, so called because of all the colours in the walls of the canyon


    From there we made our way to Clinton for a coffee stop before continuing on to Hat Creek Ranch one of the original road houses on the road from Lillooet to the gold fields of Barkerville. We had a short tour of the First Nation settlement there and then a tour of the main house itself, the inside of which is only open for guided tours and not for the general public.


    After the tour there was the chance of a stagecoach ride and after finding out how bumpy and cramped it was we couldn’t believe that people endured it for the two months it took to do a journey that was taking us a couple of days!


    After the stagecoach ride we went for our included lunch, which consisted of a bowl of soup, half a round of sandwiches, salad and tea or coffee.

    After leaving the ranch we made a couple of photo stops


    before carrying on to Whistler, arriving at our hotel, the Coast Whistler, at 5:40. I decided not to wait for the cases to be delivered tonight and we went straight out for a wander around the town. I fancied a KFC so we wandered around looking for one and as we couldn’t find one and most of the restaurants were full we ended up in Black’s pub and restaurant which was almost empty, where I had a meat lover’s pizza, Dad had a deluxe pizza and we had a lager each.

    After dinner we wandered round a few more shops and I bought a 2010 Winter Olympics jacket as we were going up the mountain the next day and I was worried I wouldn’t be warm enough.

    We then went back to the room and were in bed by 10:00.

    Tomorrow: Will we see ANY bears this trip?

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