Top Ten Things to Do at Castaway Cay

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    1. Start your day off relaxed with yoga on the beach.
      Be one of the first off the ship and to the peaceful Serenity Bay for morning yoga, one of the many fitness classes included in your cruise. You’ll practice relaxing yoga techniques on the warm sand of this pristine beach, just steps away from calm, turquoise waters.
    2. Get wet from head to toe with swimming, snorkeling and floating.
      Castaway Family Beach is home to special swimming and snorkeling lagoons for those who want to cool off. You can drift on floats or in inner tubes, swim with tropical fish and search for sunken treasures, including a hidden Mickey!
    3. Get up-close and personal with stingrays.
      Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure gives you the chance to feed, touch and snorkel with stingrays in a private lagoon. This up-close encounter also includes a fun info session led by a marine specialist with interesting facts about stingrays.
    4. Enjoy the crystal clear water from above.
      Parasailing, water cycling, paddle boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and sailboating are all ways you can enjoy the ocean without even getting in it. Of course, I recommend at least dipping your toes in these warm, tropical waters!
    5. Make a huge splash at Pelican Plunge.
      Just a short swim from shore, venture to the floating Pelican Plunge for tons of get-wet fun. A giant “bucket dump†is sure to soak you, and two water slides – one open and the other enclosed – take you on a twisting ride into the lagoon.
    6. Take a photograph with your favorite Disney friends.
      Enjoy lots of photo ops with Disney characters in their island attire. Character meet-and-greets in front of iconic backdrops like the ship and Mt. Rustmore make for great family pictures!
    7. Explore the 1,000-acre island on foot or bicycle.
      There are a number of paths to the island’s interior that can be explored on foot or bicycle. The morning runDisney Castaway Cay 5K is a great way to get to know the island and take in the lush tropical landscape, without costing you a thing!
    8. Send “snail mail†from the Bahamian post office.
      Castaway Cay has its own post office where you can send a message to family and friends back home. Bahamian stamps are required, making it even more fun to mail a souvenir postcard to yourself to commemorate your time on the island!
    9. Climb the 40-foot-tall observation tower.
      For a breathtaking view of Castaway Cay and the ship in the distance, you can journey down the bike trail toward the interior of the island and climb 47 steps to the top of the observation tower. Don’t forget your camera!
    10. Join in on a unique family activity like only Disney can do.
      One-of-a-kind island activities are great ways for your family to have fun together. Cheer on a new “friend†in our crab races or excavate artificial whale bones and other fossilized treasures in the Family Whale Dig.
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    Once again, technology and such.
    Cumming, GA. A small suburb of Atlanta.
    Or my personal favorite...

    Absolutely nothing.

    Just sit back at Serenity Bay and watch the waves roll gently in.

    After all, why exert yourself too much? :unsure:

    Tom ( :macwave:... why yes waiter, I will have another drink. :bar: )
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    Staffordshire U.K.
    You beat me to it Tom...that was exactly what I was going to say.
    I would add though that after all the hard work doing nothing, taking lunch at the adjacent BBQ area is also on my list.
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    i would sit and relax too, please tell me they do cocktails in coconuts or pineapples!!

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