Universal Studios Orlando Ticket Price Increase

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    Universal Studios Orlando has raised the price of an adult one-day, one-park ticket to $88 — $3 more than the equivalent ticket to Walt Disney World theme parks.

    Orlando's theme-park resorts have historically raised prices almost in lockstep with one another. But Universal had in recent years typically not acted until its larger rival, Disney World, moved first. When Universal raised its base price to $85 last year, it did so only about a week after Disney went to $85.

    "Our pricing reflects the high-quality entertainment experience we offer, while still providing great value," Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said Monday.

    Most of Universal's other ticket prices have also increased. The price of a one-day, two-park ticket — allowing access to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida — also jumped $3, from $120 to $123.

    Multi-day passes roses by slightly smaller margins:

    • A two day, single park rose from $135.99 to $139.99
    • A two day, two park rose from $155.99 to $159.99
    • A three day - rose from $170.99 to $172.99
    • A four day, two park rose from $175.99 to $179.99
    • The price of Universal's most expensive ticket option, offering unlimited admission to its parks, including the Wet 'n Wild water park, over 14 days — rose from $194.99 to $199.99

    The prices of three and four day single park passes remain unchanged.

    Universal also opted to leave the price of their Florida Resident Tickets unchanged when purchased online.

    "Our multi-day tickets are popular, and we always work to provide value where our guests want it most," Schroder said. "That's why our Florida-resident online pricing and three-day and four-day base ticket pricing remains unchanged."
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    I suppose $3 isnt too much more - still means that a whole day is quite alot though. Youd think that with all the extra money harry potter world has brought them they couldve left the increase!

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