Vinylmation Park Starz Return with New Characters from Disney Parks

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    One of the more anticipated Vinylmation collections this year, Park Starz 2, arrives at Disney Parks on Friday, May 10. Introduced in September 2011, the first series featured uniquely shaped figures inspired by classic characters from Disney Parks. The second series has 12 new characters designed by Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones.

    “Being a huge fan of the parks, Park Starz is one of my favorite projects to work on,â€￾ exclaimed Casey. “Disney Design Group artist and principal Vinylmation designer Thomas Scott created the Park Starz brand and supervises all development. He tapped me to be the lead artist for this series, and I loved creating crazy, stylized versions of some of my favorite park characters.â€￾

    Each figure in this limited release mystery series is packaged in a collectible tin, which is sold either individually or in a tray. If guests purchase entire trays, they get all 11 known figures (as seen on the packaging) and the one mystery figure.

    The series is available at D Street at Downtown Disney.


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