What Can You Tell Me About Fort Wilderness Cabins?

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    Although we've still not ruled out an offsite villa, the kids REALLY want to give my parents the "experience" of staying onsite (as this is their first trip) and with the new fall offer for free dining, it seems pretty a attractive option from an economic standpoint. After a considerable amount of research, the cabins at Fort Wilderness have really risen to the top. We've always wanted to stay at FW, but don't typically have a car - which always makes it seem a bit more tedious. However, my parents will be driving down, so that won't be an issue!

    Has anyone ever stayed there? What can you tell me about it?
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    i haven't stayed there but I was considering them as an alternative to a 1 bed at OKW. The thing i didn't like was there were 2 beds in the bedroom so we'd be sharing a bed room with one or both- might as well stay in a hotel room. Not sure if there is a sleeper sofa though. Also i don't believe they have washing machines and driers which is a big drawback for me, may be a little different if you're only going for a few days. I like the theming though and also that you can park your car beside the cabin.

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