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Swiss Family Treehouse






Transport yourself into the lives of the Swiss Family Robinson who were tossed onto a deserted South Seas island. Not only does the family make do — but they build a tree house and a life for themselves that is the envy of all who visit. You’ll never want to “leaf.”


A walking attraction through a giant banyan tree house complete with running water. The make believe tree recreates the home the shipwrecked family in the movie builds for themselves, right down to the organ in the living room and the skylight in the parents’ bedroom. Books are open, the dinner table is set.


At the top of the tree, you look out on to Adventureland below — there’s a view of the winding river and Jungle Cruise, giving the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical island.





Walk through


Approx 10 minutes




Adults, Teens, Children and pre-schoolers


Best first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day


No suitable for wheelchair/ECV users


There are a lot of stairs, following linked walkways