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Height Requirement: 32 inches (80cm) or taller
Category: Fun for Everyone

chairliftTake a leisurely ride to the top of Mount Gushmore aboard colorful, wooden, ski resort type chairlifts with umbrellas and dangling skis. The Chairlifts provide a one-way trip to the top of the mountain for access to these water attractions at the Green Slope area of the mountain: Slush Gusher, Summit Plummet,

  • Teamboat Springs.
  • Note that you cannot take tubes or mats with you on the Chairlift. Also, a Gondola is available for disabled Guests to access the top of Mount Gushmore.
    Not Tall Enough to Ride the Chairlift?
    Less than 32 inches tall? Don’t worry. There is a stairway path to reach the top of Mount Gushmore for access to the water attractions. See the information on each water attraction to check height requirements for the individual attractions at the top of Mount Gushmore. 

    Height Requirement: 48 inches (122cm) or shorter
    Category: Fun for Everyone

    crosscountryGrab an inner tube raft, put your feet up and chill out in this gently meandering stream that flows around the perimeter of Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. Pass through polar caves—large cave-like tunnels—and under gentle, misty waterfalls as your raft drifts aimlessly along.
    Big kids, teens and adults can ride at their leisure and let the world drift slowly by, or use Cross Country Creek for effortless transportation to other areas of Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. There are 7 locations to enter and exit Cross Country Creek.
    Cross Country Creek is located at ground level and rafts are included with the price of admission. Grab a raft just about anywhere along the creek’s route to soak up the sun and go with the flow. 
    Height Requirement: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
    Category: Big kids, teens, adults
    dddipperHop on an inner tube and race down the slopes! This waterslide resembles an Olympic-style downhill ski race with starting gates and a time clock to track each racer’s time. To allow for a fair race, the start gates open simultaneously when the race begins.
    But that’s not all. Half the race is in the dark! As you speed down a pair of 50-foot high, 230-foot-long side-by-side racing slides at 25 miles per hour, you disappear into a tunnel and emerge just before splashdown. 
    Height Requirement: Any Height
    Category: Fun for Everyone
    Play in the bobbing waves. Float lazily on a raft. Sunbathe in a comfortable beach chair —on a sandy white beach. Take an invigorating swim or bask under a refreshing waterfall. 
    Height Requirement: Any Height
    Category:Big kids, teens, adults
    Grab an inner tube and careen down Mount Gushmore on any of the three unique waterslides. Each flume is different, so try them all!
    The center slide is fully enclosed and accommodates one rider at a time. The two outer slides can accommodate rafts that hold up to 2 people.
    All 3 waterslides at Runoff Rapids twist and turn down the hill, taking you on an invogorating ride with a plunge into the pool at the bottom. Dive in!
    Melt-Away Bay is an expansive oasis at the base of Mount Gushmore. 
    Height Requirement: 48 inches (122cm) or shorter
    Category: Fun For Little Ones
    skipatrolMake a splash at this play area designed especially for kids who aren’t quite ready for the bigger waterslides and are too old for Tike’s Peak, a special play area just for preschoolers.
    Swoosh down curvy waterslides and inner-tube slides. Test your balance with a challenging ice-flow walk across a floating iceberg course. There’s even a zip line where children less than 60 inches tall can grab a T-bar and hang on as they zip down over the water and drop into a pool. Kids just have the coolest fun on the mountain at Ski Patrol Training Camp!
    Note: The water at Ski Patrol Training Camp is just over 8 feet deep. 
    Height Requirement: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
    Category: Big kids, teens, adults
    Take a brisk ride down Mount Gushmore over not one, but two rolling hills as you zip down this exhilarating waterslide.
    Although a bit tamer than its neighbor Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher is a thrilling ride for active, waterslide enthusiasts. Zip down and find out for yourself! 
    Height Requirement: Any Height
    Category: Big kids, teens, adults
    Ready. Set. Sled! Grab a toboggan-style mat, lie down on your stomach and speed down the mountain, banking through the curvy paths marked by ski-type gates on switchback, slalom-style racing slides.
    These 350-foot long waterslides descend the slopes of Mount Gushmore and plunge riders into a refreshing pool at the bottom. Compete with your friends and be the first one down the mountain. The race is on! 
    Height Requirement: Any Height
    Category: Big kids, teens, adults
    Ready. Set. Snow! Grab a mat at the top and race your friends or family members down the mountain over a series of dips to the bottom of Mount Gushmore. This 250-foot long waterslide is an avalanche of fun! 
    Height Requirement: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
    Category: Big kids, teens, adults
    Not afraid of heights? Take the plunge if you dare!
    This premier waterslide attraction for big kids, teens and adults is not for the faint of heart. At a “chilling” 120 feet high, this sky-scraping ski jump of a thrill ride down the slopes of Mount Gushmore is one of the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall body slide.
    The adrenalin-pumping vertical drop will send “chills” up your spine as you plunge down the 360-foot long flume and through a darkened tunnel at speeds from 50 to 60 miles per hour. A digital readout at the bottom displays each rider’s speed.


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