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Kilimanjaro Safari

ATTRACTION: Kilimanjaro Safari.
WHERE: Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
PRICE: Free with park admittance.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ride can be quite bumpy in parts so hold onto those cameras!

Climb onboard an open sided safari truck for an adventure through the savannah. The whole family can enjoy catching a glimpse of a mandrill or laughing at the exploits of the hippos as they take a leisurely bath.

Keep your camera ready…you never know if you have to come to a complete halt for a rhino in the road or wait for a baby giraffe to catch up to its mother.

Lions, rhino, hippo, impalas, ostrich, giraffe, elephant, wild boar, and many more. No two rides are the same as the animals roam the land…..see how many you can spot.

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