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Anaheim Produce



Anaheim Produce

Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios

Counter Service



$3.99 disney-dining-plan-small
Cheese Sauce
$1.00 disney-dining-plan-small
Assorted Chips
$2.69 disney-dining-plan-small
Ocean Spray Craisins brand Dried Cranberries
Small:  $1.99 disney-dining-plan-small
Large:  $3.39 disney-dining-plan-small
Fruit and Nut Trail Mix
with Craisins
$3.69 disney-dining-plan-small
California Trail Mix
$2.99 disney-dining-plan-small
Assorted Whole Fruit
$1.49 disney-dining-plan-small
Carrot and Celery Sticks with Lite Ranch Dressing
$3.69 disney-dining-plan-small
Granny Smith Apple Slices
with Caramel
$3.49 disney-dining-plan-small
Mixed Fruit Cup or Grapes
$3.49 disney-dining-plan-small
Pineapple Cup
$3.99 disney-dining-plan-small
$1.39 disney-dining-plan-small

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Orange Bird Cup with  Frozen Lemonade


Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade
$3.69 disney-dining-plan-small
$3.19 disney-dining-plan-small
Bottled Beverages
$2.59 disney-dining-plan-small
Bottled Water
$2.50 disney-dining-plan-small
Smart Water
$3.50 disney-dining-plan-small
$3.29 disney-dining-plan-small

Alcoholic Beverages

Frozen Golden Margarita




disney-dining-plan-small Disney Dining Plan Snack
All items and prices, subject to change.
Sales Tax is not included
Dated: April 2013


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