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Gelato Cart

Italy, World Showcase


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Italian Gelato Coppetta (Cup)
2 Scoops of Italian Ice Cream

Italian Gelato Cono (Cone)
2 Scoops of Italian Ice Cream

Coppa Del Nonno
Fior Di Latte, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream, Amaretto Cookies

Coppa Amicizia
Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, Fior Di Latte, Mango Sauce, Whipped Cream, Whole Raspberries

Coppa Delizia
Strawberry, Fior Di Latte, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Sauce, Whipped Cream, Whole Strawberries

Espresso Gelato “Affogato”
Fresh Italian Espresso Poured over Fior Di Latte Gelato, Topped with Chocolate Coffee Beans

Mascarpone Cream, Savoiaardi Biscuits, Espresso Coffee, Chocolate

Crisp Pastry with Sweet Ricotta, Chocolate, Candied Orange

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Specialty Flavor Smoothie

Primavera Smoothie
Frozen Blend of Strawberry, Banana, and Peach Nectars

$2.50 disney-dining-plan-small

Diet Coke
$2.50 disney-dining-plan-small

$2.50 disney-dining-plan-small

San Benedetto
Italian Still Water

San Benedetto Sparkling
Italian Sparkling Water

Italian Orange

Lemon Soda

Bottled Water
$2.50 disney-dining-plan-small

Cafe Americano
$3.00 disney-dining-plan-small

Flavored Cappuccino
Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel

Caffe Latte

Double Espresso

Single Espresso


Hot Chocolate

Lemon Ice Tea

Peach Ice Tea

 Alcoholic Drinks

Peach Puree and Prosecco

Italian Beer

Rosa Regale
Sparkling Red Wine

Italian Sangria
A refreshing blend of Italian Red Wine and Fresh Fruit

Soft Spicces, Berry Flavours, Medium Body

Pinot Grigio
Fresh and Dry, Light Body



disney-dining-plan-small  Disney Dining Plan Snack
All items and prices, subject to change.
Sales Tax is not included
Dated:  April 2013

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