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ATTRACTION: Marineland.

WHERE: 9600 Oceanshore Blvd, St. Augustine, Fl 32080. 

AGE RESTRICTIONS: None for general admission. See below for program age limits.

PRICE: $8.50 for guests ages 13 and above, $4 for children.*

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Open daily 8.30am until 4.30pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Telephone : 904-471-1111 Ext. 116

*General admission guests are able to view the dolphins through 6 by 10 foot acrylic windows as they swim, play, and interact with guests in programs, alongside the pristine Atlantic coastline.

Choose from a variety of interactive programs which range from those where land loving guests can enjoy dolphins up-close, through those which offer the opportunity to glide into the dolphins’ aquatic world from a sloping beach to swim with Marineland’s gentle residents. Experience these amazing animals for yourself. Book your program reservations in advance to ensure your own thrilling dolphin encounter.

THE QUEST: For those who have experienced dolphins in other places,  this is the one thing that hasalt eluded you…an opportunity to swim, swim, and swim some more…no waiting in a line for your turn.  This interactive program was created with intimacy in mind, thus, only 4 guests (divided into 2 groups of 2) can participate in this affair.  Join the professional and motivating staff as they allow you to play with the animals in a way usually reserved for the trainers themselves.  And while you will become familiar with the animals when first immersed via the zero-entry beach, the focus is being in the deep water…where the real fun begins.  

Each encounter is unique, as the staff includes you in the creative planning…giving you the opportunity to be a member of the crew. Included in your “quest” are a few extras: each participant receives a dolphin painting created with your cooperation and a custom designed beach towel with the Marineland logo prominently displayed.  

Ages: 13 & up

Price: $330

Duration: 90 minutes (45 minutes with dolphins)

Availability: Every Saturday afternoon from Memorial Day through Labor Day (Summer Months);  Friday and Saturday afternoons from Labor Day through Memorial Day (remainder of the year); and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from September 2nd through October 30th.

All participants will be photographed during their interaction by  professional staff photographers.


altTHE IMMERSION: This is the most popular experience, participants will enjoy time with the dolphins in the shallow water as well as the unique opportunity of swimming with them in deep water. Aided by snorkel masks and life vests, there is no better way than this to truly experience the grace and power of the bottlenose dolphin. Your phenomenal 30 minute dolphin encounter is preceded by an educational presentation to prepare you for this once in a lifetime experience.

Ages*: 5 & up  

Price: $199  /  $189

Duration: 75 minutes (30 minutes with dolphins)

*Participants under 10 years old must be accompanied by a paying participating adult 16 years and up.

All participants will be photographed during their interaction by our professional staff photographers.


DISCOVER DOLPHINS: Become a part of the dolphins’ watery world as you step into their habitat with a Marineland trainer. For 20 exhilarating minutes you will be in the water, experiencing first hand what it’s like being close to these incredible animals. An informative and educational pre-encounter session will prepare you for your hands-on, shallow water program.

Ages*: 5 & up

Price: $149  

Duration: 50 minutes (20 minutes with dolphins)

*Participants under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a paying, participating adult 13 years and up.

All participants will be photographed during their interaction by our professional staff photographers.


TRAINER FOR THE DAY: You’ve heard it said that being a dolphin trainer must be the coolest job in the world. And now you have the opportunity to find out first hand, while participating in Marineland’s “Trainer-For-A-Day” program. After your arrival at 9AM, it’s time to get busy; and busy you will be. While aiding thealt training crew, you’ll play a role in the activities that fill a marine mammal specialist’s day… preparing diets, feeding animals (including some really amazing fish species), attending an animal training lecture, observing and tracking program behaviours, creating enrichment devices for dolphins, aid in record keeping, interacting with sharks, and most importantly the best part of the job… an encounter with dolphins. As every day is different in a trainer’s day, no two programs will ever be alike. You’ll be given a “Trainer-For-A-Day” tank-top for wearing with your bathing suit…after all; it’s the uniform of a dolphin trainer. And the crew will provide you a CD with photos from your day on the job. By the time 3pm arrives, marking the end of your day, you’ll know who has the best job in the world.  

Ages: 13 & up

Price: $550 

Duration: 6 hours (60 minutes with dolphins)

Availability: Year round.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 3pm.

All participants will be photographed during their interaction by our professional staff photographers


DOLPHIN DESIGNS: This interactive program will combine your passion for dolphins with your passion for art! Participants will choose up to three colours for the dolphin to paint on a canvas that the participant holds over the water. Once the painting is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the dolphin artist. Getting this close to the aquatic artist means there’s a chance you might get wet. Swimwear is advised.

Ages: 5 & up

Price: $85

Duration:  15 minutes (10 minutes with dolphins)

All participants will be photographed during their interaction by our professional staff photographers.

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