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Wild Arctic

ATTRACTION: Wild Arctic.

WHERE: SeaWorld.


PRICE: Free with park admittance.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You must be at least 42 inches tall to ride the Wild Arctic simulated ride. However, there is also the option of bypassing the ride and going straight to the animal exhibits.

**During the Christmas holiday season, Wild Arctic is transformed into the Polar Express Experience which offers the park’s guests the opportunity to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole and meet Santa Claus in addition to the polar bears, Pacific walruses, and beluga whales that are at the Wild Arctic exhibit year round.


 Video HERE

Venture to Base Station Wild Arctic aboard a jet helicopter and experience a multilevel ecosystem that serves as the home to beluga whales, harbor seals, walruses and polar bears. This simulated ride takes approximately 5 minutes and concludes with an amazing walk-through animal habitat.

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