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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

The All Star Movies Resort is a 1,920 room resort that features five film inspired themed areas from 101 Dalmatians to Toy Story


The All Star resorts are located in the Animal Kingdom Area.

1901 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Contact Numbers

Telephone    407-939-7000               

Fax            407 9397111

Check In/Check Out
Check in time is 4pm, and check out time is 11am. 

Payment Method(s)
Disney Gift Card, Visa, American Express,  MasterCard, Discover, JCB.

Different sections immortalize some of Disney’s most beloved movies and larger than life whimsical icons are everywhere. 

Themed resorts are located in the various buildings indicated below

Themed Building


101 Dalmatians

Building 1

The Mighty Ducks

Building 2

The Mighty Ducks

Building 3

101 Dalmatians

Building 4

Fantasia (original and 2000)

Building 5

Herbie: The Love Bug

Building 6

Herbie: The Love Bug

Building 7

Fantasia (original and 2000)

Building 8

Toy Story

Building 9

Toy Story

Building 10

The Fantasia, Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians sections are considered “preferred” and are higher priced.  If you prefer a lower traffic or quieter area, then you should request the Love Bug buildings. 

If you want to be close to the bus stop then the Mighty Ducks buildings is closer to the stop in front of the All Star Music Resort’s Melody Hall.

toy_story_buildingAll the buildings have exterior and interior to match their names.

A 40-foot-tall Pongo and 35-foot-tall Perdita can be found in 101 Dalmatians

You will find a 35 foot tall Buzz Lightyear and 25 foot tall Woody in the Toy Story area.

Herbie, the Love Bug, is 5 times its normal size.

In Fantasia there is a Sorcerer’s giant hat, a spell book and a broom and bucket, to name just a few.

The Mighty Ducks buildings are a must for sports fans with the giant hockey sticks, pucks, nets and duck billed masks found at the. Thirty one foot tall goalie masks cover the outside stairwells.



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