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Quest Air

ATTRACTION: Hang gliding.

WHERE: Quest Air, 6548 Groveland Airport Road, Groveland, FL 34736 (30 minutes from WDW)


PRICE: A 2500ft tandem flight is $125 and lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. A 5280ft tandem flight is $225 and lasts 30+ minutes. In flight Photos or Video (on CD) $25

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tel: 352-429-0213 for reservations.


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Have you ever wondered what birds feel flying high above? Have you ever dreamed of soaring like an eagle with a bird’s eye view of beautiful Florida? Hang gliding is the purest form of free flight…no engines, no cockpits. Just you and the majesty of the surrounding world.
Take an introductory flight to 2500 feet, or even a MILE high with a certified tandem instructor. The professional instructors will take you on the flight of a lifetime! Depending upon weather, you can see both Florida coasts, Downtown Disney and Epcot, Universal Studios, Orlando, Tampa, and on special days you might even see a shuttle or missile launch from Cape Canaveral!
In tandem hang gliding, the student and instructor pilot the glider together. They are attached to each other as well as hooked into the glider. Tandem hang gliders are designed specifically for tandems and certified by the United States Hang Gliding Association and United States Hang Glider Manufacturing Association. The wing is larger than those designed for individual use which makes it safe and easy to fly. The tandem gliders have heavy-duty landing gear and oversized harnesses to ensure your safety and comfort.
They use an ultralight airplane like a taxi to take you to your desired altitude. Once released from the plane, you will be amazed at how quiet and peaceful flying is. The instructors will show you how to fly the glider, teaching you the basics of turning, slowing and diving the glider. After these simple instructions, you will have the freedom to fly. The instructors are there to ensure that your flight is the most exciting, safe, and memorable experience of your life!
Tandem hang gliding requires no experience and is perfect for beginners. If after your first flight you are hooked and want to learn how to fly on your own, they have an established training program to help you earn your ratings for a solo hang gliding flight. 
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