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Beluga Interaction Program

ATTRACTION: Beluga Interaction Program.

WHERE: SeaWorld.

AGE RESTRICTIONS:10 years and older.

PRICE: $149 per person plus tax. With photo package $199.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Limited to a few guests per day. Park admission is not included but required. This program runs through December 31st 2009 or until the program reaches a maximum American Express donation of $100,000. Book online at


This experience lets you have a hands on meeting with the beluga whales. You will be amazed at how gracious and gentle these whales are. You will actually enter the water with one of the trainers and learn how to communicate with the beluga through hand signals. You will touch them and even feed them. This up-close encounter gives you an opportunity to connect with one of the Arctic’s inhabitants that you will not forget in a hurry. The water is approximately 55 degrees and guests must be able to get in and out of the water by themselves.

Sunglasses and all jewellery must be removed before entering the water.

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