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Park Rules

For the comfort and safety of all guests, smoking is permitted in the park in designated smoking areas only.  These designated areas are conveniently located throughout the park and are clearly marked on park maps.

Security Procedures: SeaWorld Orlando security procedures may result in slight delays while entering the park. As a part of this process:

*All bags, backpacks, and packages are subject to inspection prior to entering the park.

*As a reminder, the following items are not permitted to be brought into SeaWorld for the safety of the animals and guests: weapons, glass bottles, cans, any other type of sharp objects, straws, large hard or soft coolers, and any hazardous items or materials.

*Please leave any unnecessary articles secured within your vehicle to expedite your entry into the park.

*SeaWorld is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle including articles left within.


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