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Smoking Policy
Busch Gardens
is committed to a safe and friendly environment. Therefore they have provided designated smoking stations throughout the park. All indoor areas will remain smoke-free environments. Outdoor smoking stations are designated in guest areas by smoking urns, benches and “Designated Smoking Area” signs, which are situated near most restrooms. These signs are marked on the park maps. 
Busch Gardens

is a family destination, and requires that guests wear appropriate clothing while in the park. Shirts, skirts or pants (including jeans or shorts), and shoes must be worn at all times.


Height Restrictions
Height Restrictions are posted at each ride, and all guests including those using wheelchairs must meet the height requirements. Please see a team member at the ride if you have any questions. 

Roller Coasters Minimum Requirements
Scorpion 42″
Cheetah Chase 46″ (6 yrs. old minimum)
Gwazi 48″
SheiKra 54″
Montu 54″
Kumba 54″
Other Attractions Minimum Requirements
Animal Adventure Tour*
Serengeti Safari (5 yrs. old minimum)*
Wild Surge 38”*
Rhino Rally 39″ (3 yrs. old minimum)*
Congo River Rapids 42″
Sandstorm 42″
Trabant 42″
Phoenix 48″
Tanganyika Tidal Wave 48″
Stanleyville Falls Flume 48″**
Ubanga-Banga Bumper Cars *
*Accompanied by a responsible person 14 years or older.
**Or a minimum of 2 years of age accompanied by a responsible person 14 years or older.

Children’s Rides (Adults may not accompany children. Maximum heights allowed per ride)
Pygmy Vines 42″
Desert Runners 48″
Jungle Flyers 48″ minimum (age 6-13 yrs. only)
Ball Crawl 56″
Bush Flyers 56″
Cloud Bounce 56″
Desert Rammers 56″
Kiddie Train 56″
Pygmy Gliders 56″



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