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Orlando Weather

Ok, you’ve booked your flights, chosen your resort, selected your tickets, and now you’re ready to pack those suitcases!

You’re next question might well be, “What’s the weather like in Florida?”

Knowing what to expect from the Florida weather will help you get the most out of your holiday…and your suitcases.

General Weather Info


Average High

Average Low

Mean Average



72°F / 22°C

48°F / 9°C

60°F / 16°C

2.39 in /60.7 mm


73°F / 23°C

49°F / 9°C

61°F / 16°C

2.72 in /69.1 mm


77°F / 25°C

53°F / 12°C

65°F / 18°C

3.32 in /84.3 mm


82°F / 28°C

58°F / 14°C

70°F / 21°C

2.02 in /51.3 mm


87°F / 31°C

64°F / 18°C

76°F / 24°C

3.83 in /97.3 mm


90°F / 32°C

70°F / 21°C

80°F / 27°C

6.02 in /152.9 mm


92°F / 33°C

72°F / 22°C

82°F / 28°C

7.32 in /185.9 mm


90°F / 32°C

71°F / 22°C

80°F / 27°C

6.01 in /152.7 mm


84°F / 29°C

65°F / 18°C

74°F / 23°C

3.17 in / 80.5 mm


79°F / 26°C

57°F / 14°C

68°F / 20°C

2.42 in / 61.5 mm


73°F / 23°C

50°F / 10°C

62°F / 17°C

2.24 in / 56.9 mm

Weather Facts

  • Hurricane season runs from the 1st June to the 30th November, with the 15th August to the 15th October considered to be Peak Hurricane Activity.

  • The average warmest month is July.

  • The highest recorded temperature was 103°F in 1961.

  • The average coolest month is January.

  • The lowest recorded temperature was 19°F in 1985.

  • August is the average wettest month.

Hurricane Season in Florida

While hurricanes are an unfortunate fact of life in Florida, Disney World is rarely affected on a long-term basis.  This is primarily due to its’ inland location in Orlando, but is also due in great part to the efforts of Disney World itself.

Disney World employs a large contingent of cast members who work through the night taking down any fixtures that could be damaged in a storm. Once the bad weather has passed, these teams reassemble the Disney World parks in the same efficient manner.  Disney Resorts have generators and will still typically have power even when the surrounding areas do not.

That being said, while a hurricane may not directly affect Disney World, it may well affect your vacation in regards to rough weather, airline delays and general stress.

Here are a few things you can do to be prepared

  • Remain calm.
  • Follow any instructions from Cast Members.
  • If you’re arriving/departing check your flight status.
  • If you’ve travelled to Disney World in your own automobile, or have rented one make sure to fill the gas tank early while the pumps still have gas.

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