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Elite Adventure Tour


ATTRACTION: Elite Adventure Tour.

WHERE: Busch Gardens.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Participants must be at least 5 years old.

PRICE: $199.99 per person plus tax. Park admission is not included but is required.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Lunch and breakfast is provided at a family restaurant. This is a seven hour tour. Height restrictions will apply for all rides. Complimentary park admission included.

Get ready to set out on the ultimate Busch Gardens adventure as a guest of honor for this exclusive tour.

Start your morning by meeting with your personal guide and mapping out your customized Busch Gardens adventure.

Visit Busch Gardens almost as if it were your own private park. This very special Seven-hour Elite Adventure Tour provides an intimate glimpse of Busch Gardens from an insider’s perspective. Enjoy up close animal experiences, such as the Serengeti Safari (a $30 value), Lory Landings bird aviary, Rhino Rally, and a guided walk through exotic animal habitats like Edge of Africa and Myombe Reserve. V.I.P. priority show seating is available at Katonga: Musical Tales from the Jungle. You’ll also get front-of-the-line access to most major rides including Floorless SheiKra. 

End your day with a relaxing meal at Crown Colony Restaurant overlooking the Serengeti Plain, where giraffe, antelope, zebras and other captivating animals graze peacefully under the setting sun.

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