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Security Information

Due to military action being taken abroad, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has increased its security.

At this time, the following items are not permitted at the Visitor Complex:

  • Fire arms of any type (with or without a permit)
  • Ammunition (live or spent)
  • Pepper/mace sprays
  • Knives of any size
  • Box cutters or similar items
  • Nail clippers with knife blades
  • Any other sharp/pointed items, including pointed scissors or nail files


  • Hard-sided coolers, luggage and other large bags are not permitted through the front gate.
  • All bags, purses and other items will be opened and inspected at the Visitor Complex. (These¬† actions are part of the increase in security and not part of a specific threat to our facilities.)
  • Laser pointers
  • All electronic devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile/cellular phones, video recorders, voice recorders and pagers must be in working condition before entering the complex. Devices that are broken, cannot be powered on, or without properly charged batteries will not be permitted through the front gate.

If any of the above items are discovered, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle. If you choose not to return the items to your vehicle, you must surrender them to a security officer. Surrendered items will not be returned to you.

Since all guests pass through the metal detectors, please reduce the number of items you normally carry.

Visitors could face delays entering the park as a result of the searches.

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