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Disabled Flying With Oxygen


Disabled Flying With Oxygen by Ukwdwnut 


Lung Function Test.

To be able to fly if you have, like me Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

You have to have this test done 4 weeks/1 month prior to your flight.

First of all you have to have a lung function test, which measures the amount of breath your lungs push out while you are hooked up to the lung function machine, overall this takes about half an hour. 



The Fitness to Fly Test.

First of all you have an oxygen mask on for 20 minutes and have the normal amount of oxygen at sea level.

Then your ear is punctured and blood taken and tested for the oxygen level. 

Then after a wait of 30 minutes you have more oxygen for a further 20 minutes at a reduced amount of 15%, the same oxygen level as at cabin pressure at altitude during a flight.

After the 20 minutes has elapsed you have your blood taken again and tested once more for the oxygen level.  Again in my case the oxygen level was under the amount needed for me to fly, so now I know that I need oxygen for the flight.  This could well change from test to test.


If Oxygen is needed for your flight what to do next.

If you do need to have oxygen, the next thing you need to do is contact the airline you are flying with and let them know.  Some airlines charge you to have the extra oxygen on board for you.

I would recommend Virgin Atlantic for this purpose as they provide it free of charge. I would let the airline know when you book that you may need oxygen for the flight and will confirm this with them 1 month prior to your flight.


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