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Quick Hints for Disney Photography

Mickey Mouse 1This Article was kindly written by Britchick from the Disney Secrets Forums

Read the instruction manual -Don’t buy your camera just before you go and hope to be the David Bailey of the Magic Kingdom. Read the instruction manual from cover to cover and then go out and practice.

Practice makes perfect , think about some of the shots you’re going to want to get-Landscape, posed character shots, candid moments, night shots of fireworks and then get out there and practice.

Have a spare battery with you at all times, the character that you have been waiting to see for 2 weeks comes round the corner, you pull out your camera, push the on button and……..nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! nightmare.

Goofy with pencilDon’t put all your eggs in one basket, buy several smaller memory cards rather than one large one. I read about a family who lost their camera once at the end of their holiday and I can’t imagine what that would be like.

Invest in a tripod; even a small table tripod can help you take better shots in low light.

Make it accessible, it’s no good having a decent camera in a rucksack that’s hard to get to, you’ll get fed up of trawling through the suncream, cereal bars, baby wipes etc etc – a case attached to your belt or a large rucksack pocket will do but if you want to spend a sum equal to a weeks groceries for a family of 4, be my guest!

Get close to your subject, fill the frame, zoom in if you have to.

Rule of thirdsComposition – Plan your photo, think about your background, some things you can’t crop out at a later stage so try and get it right when you shoot. The rule of thirds can help you create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing shot. Imagine a rectangle divided both vertically and horizontally into thirds and have major things in the photo on the imaginary lines. Eg a horizon.

Think outside the box– let your creative juices flow, photography is a form of art and you can really reflect your personality or that of your subject by the way you shoot. Play around, who says that the camera has to be at your eye level, squat down, hold the camera and your hip height and shoot- you’ll be surprised what you capture.

Take lots and lots of photos– professional photographers take hundreds of photos for that money shot.

Mickey in the rainKeep it dry it will certainly be hard in florida with the humidity and rides etc but keep it dry. For water rides put it in a ziplock bag before you ride. Do not leave your camera in the car






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