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What is Disney Character Dining?

Disney Character Dining is one of the great joys of Disney! You have a nice meal and meet various Disney Characters who will come and sign autographs, pose for photographs and play a little right at your table.

These meals are very popular and making ADRs is recommended

Cast members walk around with the characters to ensure that they visit every table so you won’t miss out. If you haven’t seen a particular character, let the CM in charge, or your server, know and they’ll try to sort it out for you.

Character meals are usually one of three styles of meal:

Buffet this is an all you can eat buffet meal where you choose items from a well stocked buffet. There is usually a children’s selection with chicken nuggets and pizza. Drinks are brought by the server

Family Style – this is where a large bowl or plate of food is placed in the centre of the table and you help yourselves. If you run out, just ask your server!

Pre-Plated – this is where the server will present each guest with a pre-plated selection of food

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