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Omaka Rocka
The all-new water slide Omaka Rocka thrills you with high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels that’ll have you splashing and sliding frontward and backward and climbing the walls! It’s all-new and only at Aquatica!
Dolphin Plunge

250 foot of clear, underwater tubes speed you to a Commerson’s dolphin habitat where they’ll race alongside you as you zoom through the tubes.
This is a ride you’ll never, ever forget! The most popular ride in Aquatica. Two side-by-side enclosed tube slides send you racing through an underwater world that is home to a playful pod of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s Dolphins.
**Ride Requirements – You must be at least 4ft tall, life vests, shirts or cotton shorts may not be worn on this ride. Guests must be able to maintain proper riding position. Maximum rider weight is 300 lbs (136 kg), single riders only.
Roa’s Rapids
An all-action river ride along 1,500 feet of rapids, roaring high seas, geysers and waterfalls – three to four times faster than your average waterpark river.
Height Requirement – Guests under 4ft 2ins tall are required to wear a life vest.
Loggerhead Lane
Slow things down on a lazy river ride in a giant, inflatable rubber ring. The pace might be slow but the sights are spectacular – Commerson’s dolphins in their underwater habitat, along with thousands of startlingly beautiful tropical fish.
Height Requirement – Guests under 4ft must wear a life vest. 
Taumata Racer
A high-speed, competitive mat ride, head-first, down a very, and we mean VERY steep hill. 300 feet. In and out of tunnels. A 360 degree turn. And you’re against the clock!
Height requirement – You must be at least 3ft 5ins tall and wear a life vest. All guests under 4ft are required to wear a life vest.
Hooroo Run
How does a 6-storey, 250-foot, triple drop water ride sound? Oh and it’s 7 foot wide too. That’s a straight shot down, with your heart in your mouth. 3 times. Dare you!
Height Requirement – Those under 4ft tall are required to wear a life vest and guests must be at least 3ft 5ins to ride.
Walhalla Wave
A family raft ride for 4 people at a time – twisting, turning through a watery maze of tunnels before you explode back into the sunshine. Thrilling and gushingly addictive.
Height Requirement – Those under 4ft tall are required to wear a life vest and guests must be at least 3ft 5ins tall to ride.


Tassie’s Twisters
 Arrive from Loggerhead Lane lazy river, and climb the tower… Then shoot through a lightning fast tube into a bowl to spin, spin, spin and spin your way back out into the lazy river. Honestly – you seriously have never felt anything like it!
Ride requirements – You must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted.


Whanau Way

Here’s an exciting way to go for a dip in a clear, crystal pool… Sit in a double inner tube and plummet down five storeys of thrilling drops, unexpected curves and cascading water curtains. It’s a quadruple water slide tower and one of the most popular rides in the park!
Ride requirements – You must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted.

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