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Sawgrass Recreation Park

ATTRACTION: Sawgrass Recreation Park.

WHERE: 1006 N. U.S. Highway 27, Weston, Florida 33327.


PRICE: For the standard airboat tour…Adults: $19.50 + Tax. Children (4-12): $10 + Tax. Under 4: No Charge.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The first airboat tour of the day leaves just after 9 a.m. and the tours continue to operate every thirty minutes throughout the day until 3:30 p.m. and the final airboat leaves at 5:00 p.m. It is recommended that you and your group show up no later than 4pm. so that you may visit the animal exhibits first and then take the final tour of the day. Call 888-424-7262 or email  

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Feel the excitement and learn the history of Florida’s most remarkable treasure–the Everglades. As one of the rare subtropical ecosystems, the Everglades holds spectacular mysteries. Renew your spirit as you glide across miles of river at speeds up to 35 mph, and get up close and personal with native wildlife, many of whom are endangered in this fragile environment. This once in a lifetime adventure will create lasting memories as you discover the secrets of this untamed wilderness the Seminoles called home.


Airboat Rides:

Start your adventure with a 30 minute airboat tour of the Florida Everglades. Your tour will be guided by one of the experienced captains who has received extensive training. During the tour, you’ll listen to tales of how the Seminole and panther once coexisted in this lush wilderness. Also, you’ll catch a glimpse of endangered wildlife as you skim across the glassy water.



Private Tours:

For a truly unique everglades experience, sign up for Sawgrass’ newest attraction – the exclusive Private Tour. Join one of the experienced captains as they escort only your group across the everglades aboard one of the custom airboats specially designed for small parties. 

This tour includes an extended one hour airboat adventure as well as all of the animal exhibits. You will get to visit exclusive locations in the everglades and will be able to see a variety of exotic and native animals. Please keep in mind, reservations are necessary for this exclusive adventure. Please ring or email for pricing of this tour.  



Red Eye Tour:

Your group will board one of the powerful airboats deep in the night to seek out Florida’s legendary reptile, The American Alligator! Sneak through the everglades as you experience the thrill of the abundant wildlife and explore the sights and sounds of nocturnal giants.

Discover the mysteries of this rich river when you and your group are handed flashlights to search for the telltale red glow from the eyes of these amazing predators. Slide over the sawgrass and cattails at an excess of 35 miles per hour! This is a rare opportunity to experience first hand the wonder of this one of a kind ecosystem. Reservations are required at least 48 hours in advance for this exclusive adventure.


Your airboat captain will provide ear and eye protection for the excursion.  e-mail or call for pricing details for The Red Eye Tour.  




Your adventure will include a visit to the Exotic Wildlife exhibit. Predators Unlimited is a seperate organization that brings a variety of animals to the park each day to visit. They strive to educate and enlighten the public about endangered species like the Florida Panther. Playful critters abound and amaze as you get up close and personal with many different animals that often include panthers, tigers, and even birds of prey.  




Take a walk on the wild side back in time with an original dinosaur, the Florida Alligator. The reptile exhibit features dozens of species both native and exotic to Florida. Along with friendly turtles and iguanas, you can learn about Cannibal, a 1,000 pound alligator. The handlers are happy to demonstrate how these animals live and survive in the wild.

They now have a water monitor named Mona. Mona is an adopted monitor from the Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale. She was abused and left on the side of the road, nursed back to health and eventually found her way to Sawgrass. Mona eats bits of raw meat and for a treat she loves eggs!
Be sure to bring your camera, so you can capture the excitement of you cradling one of these majestic animals with our
“Hold a Baby Alligator experience.  



Swamp Yard Animals:

You and your family can interact and feed many of the animals at this exhibit. The “Swamp” yard exhibit features three tremendous pot-bellied pigs, Jack, Wilbur and Lefty. These pigs will eat just about anything!
Their diet often includes apples, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, peanuts, mangos, watermelon, and even mushrooms! You can often find them rutting a hole in their pen and rolling in the mud.


altYou can also see Peaking ducks, Afro, Aflack, Joey, Chandler and the new babies John, Roosevelt and Lily. These ducks enjoy their pool and spending time with one another, they are very close friends.
They usually eat a wheat based feed for barnyard animals and they also love a variety of deep greens and the occasional blueberry!


Handsome and Peanut are the resident iguanas. Many of these animals have been brought to South Florida over the last few years and are now one of the main invasive species in the area. They love berries, greens and especially star fruit and papaya.


Queenie and Leo are the bunnies. Queenie is a large white Himalayan rabbit. She is almost twice the size of her boy counterpart! Leo was adopted from the Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale. He is a lion-faced bunny, so you will know him buy the furry mane around his face. He just loves celery, fresh herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, and especially broccoli.


On this island, you will also find about 17 various chickens and roosters roaming about. Many of them are hatched babies from the parent hens and roosters.

You can also see 3 beautiful peacocks, Ed, Max and Penelope. They often make loud honking noises when they are looking for one another. These guys are very friendly so don’t be alarmed if they waddle right up to you looking for a snack.

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