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Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

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ATTRACTION: Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.
WHERE: Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
PRICE: Free with park admittance.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Cast members are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Go in search of gorillas! Along the way, enjoy a nature walk through an exotic bird aviary, an underwater hippo viewing area, and a savannah overlook. Pangani, which means ‘place of enchantment’, is the perfect description of this five acre habitat that offers a look at Africa’s most interesting inhabitants. This walk through attraction is packed with animals and is home to a couple of troops of gorillas whose habitat is so well designed that you will be hard pressed to discern the barrier that separates them from you.

Also on the trail guests will see the beautiful okapi and even a naked mole exhibit (don’t worry everything at Disney is PG)

The okapi is the only known living relative of the giraffe. They are dark brown in colour with distinctive stripes on their legs, similar to zebras. The most giraffe like feature of the okapi is their very long, black tongue. This is a very shy animal native to the tropical forests of north eastern Zaire.

The first time you will encounter the gorillas will be behind a glass viewing area where you will see a 500 pound silverback, his ladies and his children. Exit this section and you will come to an open air viewing area with gorilla troops of bachelors on both sides of you. 

The opportunity to view an underwater hippo area is not to be missed. Watch as these oversized beasts wade through the water with great ease. View them both above and below water level.

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