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Big Cat Rescue – Private Tour

ATTRACTION: Big Cat Private Tour.

WHERE: Big Cat Rescue, Tampa.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: 10 years of age and older.

PRICE: $50.00 per person with a $200.00 minimum per tour. Prices subject to change.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tours are one and a half hours long and you see the same things you would as on the regular tour. Rainchecks available in case of inclement weather. These must be scheduled, paid and confirmed in advance. For reservations contact or call 813.426.5948


 If you simply can’t make it to the regular scheduled tour times, the option is there for a private tour.alt The difference between this tour and the regular tour is that you have the guide to yourself.


If you have paid for a tour and get rained out during your tour, you will be given a free pass to go back.  Because the cats are spooked by umbrellas, they are not allowed but you should take a rain coat or poncho if it looks like rain. Tours will be cancelled during lightening storms.  Paths are frequently muddy so closed toed, old, comfortable shoes are recommended. You are welcome to take photos and video on the tour, but no tripods allowed. No smoking and no cell phones allowed.


If you are travelling with pets, you cannot bring them onto the property.  Florida law (and common sense) prohibit you from leaving them in your car, even with the A/C running.

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