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Manatee & More Tour

ATTRACTION: Manatee And More Tour.

WHERE: Orlando Dive & Snorkel Tours-Crystal River, Florida.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: None, but parents MUST stay with their children at all times and the children must remain quiet. Recommended age is at least 8 years.

PRICE: $100 per person for 2 passengers

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is a private manatee tour for your group of  2 up to 6 passengers. Tour lasts about 6 hours. Boat has restroom onboard. Snorkel gear is provided. Continental breakfast and fruit provided….bring your own snacks for lunch. A tour can be arranged by one phone call 407-466-1668 or email


Cruise Crystal Rivers Kings Bay out to Shell Island , where the rivers meets the Gulf of Mexico. Great photo opportunities, with lots of wildlife.


Digital Underwater Camera Rental for $25

Rent a digital under water camera for your next manatee encounter. Take endless pictures that you want. The cameras are a 5-mega pixel, and they require a SD memory card. If you have your own card you can use yours (make sure it has no pictures on it, before staff install it in the camera) if you are using your card it is requested that they are no larger than a 1G. You can purchase SD cards from the tour shop….they range in price and memory 256K, 512K, 1G at $15.99, $19.99, $24.99



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