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Wildlife Survival Sanctuary Inc.

ATTRACTION: Wildlife Survival Sanctuary Inc.

WHERE: 18212 Booming Road, Spring Hill, Florida 34610.


PRICE: Free tour but small donations appreciated.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tours available by appointment only. Telephone (352) 797-4785  for information.

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary Inc. are a charity and rely completely on public support. 100% of donations go directly to the feeding and care of the animals. All visitors will be given a guided tour by one of the sanctuary volunteers. The organization was founded in May of 2000 and is located on ten acres just north of Tampa in Spring Hill, Florida. The founders realized that the problems facing wildlife in captivity were significant. Often, exotic animals found in captivity, are purchased by individuals who want to own them to enhance their personal status or for financial gain by breeding them for profit. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that exotic animals in captivity have complex nutritional, dietary and medical needs that are extremely costly when you own one of these animals.

Most of these situations end with the animal being euthanized or forced to live a life of misery in unsanitary conditions. There are also situations where people just run into hard times, and no matter how much they love their animals, they aren’t able to provide for them anymore so they are looking to place their beloved animal(s) with a sanctuary such as this.


There are many so-called “sanctuaries“, that portray themselves as rescue facilities for exotic animals but seem to be more interested in breeding or purchasing cubs while leaving adult animals who desperately need homes with no place to go!


The mission at Wildlife Survival is to rescue animals without prejudice. They do not intentionally breed, and they don’t sell their animals!  They don’t take animals out in public or allow direct contact with the public.  


Some of the animals at the sanctuary…..


Black Majik  is a male Asian black leopard. Majik was born February 23, 1996 at a facility in Tampa, Fl.  Majik lives in a large natural habitat built at the sanctuary. He was given to sanctuary president Jim Moore.




Kiya is a female African Leopard .She was born on October 23, 2000. She was given to Jim Moore, because her owner knew she would get the best home possible! He has raised her since she was one week old. Kiya is the second Leopard Jim has raised, but they are a handful and not recommended as pets! Leopards are the most intelligent of all the cats, their brain size has been compared to Dolphins.  


Asia is a  male Asian Leopard. He arrived at Wildlife Survival in November 2001. He was built a 1700 square foot habitat  equipped with 2 raised platforms, a log bridge, and several trees for him to lounge on. Asia is wonderfully vocal and has a great personality, although he does seem to prefer women to men! Just don’t mess with his food! He also likes to stalk vehicles driving on one of the sanctuary roads near his habitat!                       

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