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Marine Mammal Keeper Program

ATTRACTION: Marine Mammal Keeper Program.

WHERE: SeaWorld.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: 13 years and older.

PRICE: $399 per person plus tax.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Limited to three guests per day. Begins at 6.30am.  Park admission is included. Must use own swimsuit. Wetsuit is provided. Price includes a t/shirt, a career book, lunch and refreshments through out the day, plus a 7 day pass to SeaWorld. Cameras and camcorders not allowed. Sunglasses and jewellery must be removed….a locker will be provided for valuables. Book online at


Get a look at what it takes to care for SeaWorld animals with this animal career adventure. Work alongside the trainers as you come face to face with marine life. No two days are the same for the animal trainers and you do whatever is on their agenda for the day. You may get wet and rather smelly by the end of the day after preparing meals and cleaning too.

Help care for belugas, manatees, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, otters etc. You will get hands on experience throughout the day which starts before the general public enter the park. One minute you may be bathing a baby otter…..the next behaviour training with a beluga.

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