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ATTRACTION: Believe.  

WHERE: SeaWorld.


PRICE: Free with park admittance.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you sit in the first 15 or so rows of the stadium then you are likely to get very wet!



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Believe is a 30 minute show featuring killer whales. Giant video screens move from side to side and rotate displaying images from above and below the water. The story is that of a young boy who dreams of killer whales. He carves a killer whale tail fluke out of driftwood. This carving becomes a necklace that the boy wears as he grows up to become a Sea World killer whale trainer. Then, the word Believe is shown on the giant screens just as the killer whale jumps out of the water.

During the show, the whales and trainers perform synchronised moves diving deep into the water and jumping higher than you would believe a killer whale could. The trainers are thrown through the air after being projected out of the water on the nose of the whales.

At one point, a member of the audience (usually a child) is allowed to touch and feed the killer whale and they receive a carved wooden necklace of a killer whale tail fluke.


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