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Parking at Walt Disney World

Parking at Disney World


If you are renting a car and /or driving to WDW you will need to park you car in one of the Disney parking lots.  Alternatively, if you are staying onsite and have a rental car you will also need to somewhere to park. 


All the parking at Disney World is outside the main entrance to the Theme Park, the only exception to this is the Magic Kingdom where the parking lot is located at the Ticket and Transportation Centre.  After you have parked you can then take either the Ferry or the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.


Disney World parking lots are very large and there are trams that run constantly to take you from the parking lot to the entrance.   When you park your car, make a note of the section you are parked. 


At Epcot Parking lots are named after Future World Pavilions and Trams provide transportation to the main entrance.


At The Magic Kingdom parking lots are named after Disney Characters.  Lots Minnie, Sleepy and Dopey are all within walking distance of the ticket centre.  All other lots are served by Trams.


How much does it cost to park at a Disney Theme Park?


Parking charges for Non-Disney Guests are charged daily and you can use the same parking ticket in all of the Disney Theme Parks on that particular day, just show your ticket to the Cast Member and they will wave you through. 


The current charges are:








Bus/Tractor Trailer



$5.00 – Premium spots at Wide World of Sports


Who qualifies for Free Parking?


Guests staying at a Disney Resort will be given a parking pass when they check in which must be placed on your dashboard.  This identifies you as a Disney guest and enables you to gain parking at all the Disney Parks. 


For guests staying at either the Swan or Dolphin Hotel you will not be given a free parking pass.  You will need to show your room key to the Cast Member at the toll booth and this will enable you to park for free.


If you are an Annual Passholder you can also park free of charge at all of the Disney Theme Parks.


Disney Dining Experience card holders are also entitled to free parking at the parks after 5pm. 


Guests with Disabilities


The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, have a special parking area assigned for guests with disabilities.  When entering the Park ask the Cast Member at the booth for directions to the disabled parking lots.  You are normally told to follow the blue line to the Disabled Parking Area.


The water parks, resorts and all other Disney properties have designated parking for disabled guests which clearly marked with signs and symbols.


If you are visiting from the UK the rules relating to your blue Disabled Badge have changed, whilst  your blue disabled badge may be  accepted at all of the Disney parks and at all Disney property, you should note the following important information:




The rules for using your UK Blue Badge have changed and you now have to apply for a temporary US Handicap Badge.

The good news is that you can apply for this in several ways:


1.  Fax all your details through to them and phone up with your credit card details. There is an additional $2 charge for using your credit card.




Post it all and include a money order, but you will probably get charged by your bank for one of them or you can write all your CC details down as well.


You will need to send them by fax or post:

  • Copy of both sides of your disabled badge
  • Copy of your photo ID from your passport
  • Money order for $15 payable to Osceola County Tax Collector or CC details.

Post this to:

Tag Department

Osceola Tax Collector

2501 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

Florida 34744




Their phone number is 407 742 4000 and fax number is 407 742 3995


They tell you to at least 4 weeks for the process to be completed and the tag is valid for 90 days so they advise you not to apply sooner than five to six weeks before the travel date to ensure the tag is valid for the whole of your holiday.

They post the tag back to you at no charge.


3. I you decide that you want to go to their offices when you get there the details of the Tax Offices are:

  • If you are staying in Orange County you will find a list of offices here
  • If you are staying in Osceola County you can find their offices here
  • You will need to take your UK blue badge and your passport with you.
  • Their offices hours are 8am-4.30pm Mon-Fri.

Do I pay if I want to Park at any other Disney Venue?


The Disney water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon offer free self parking.


Parking at Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf and Winter Summerland Mini Golf is also free, as is Fort Wilderness and Wide World of Sports.



Downtown Disney is free to all guests, including those staying off property.


Self-parking for use of the entertainment and dining facilities at the Boardwalk’s entertainment area is also free.


If you wish to visit any of the Disney resorts, self parking is free to all guests, but please bear in mind that some resorts have parking restrictions.


The Polynesian, Beach Club and Contemporary have a 3 hour parking restriction for guests not staying at these resorts.  Upon arrival you will be given a 3 hour parking pass which will allow you to dine or visit the resort. 



It is worth remembering to carry photo ID with you as normally you are asked for this before you are allowed entrance.




If you are visiting a resort for a Dining Reservation, remember to take the reservation number with you as some resorts ask for the Advance Dining Reservation number before allowing access to the parking lot.


Valet Parking


Valet parking is available at all of the Deluxe Resorts for $10 per day.  These are the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts




Guests using the valet service are only charged once per day. Simply show the attendant at the resort the parking receipt and you will not incur additional charges for that day except tipping for the attendants. You are normally given a coloured hang tag that will identify to the attendants that you have already paid that day. It is always worthwhile making sure that the attendant makes a note of this when leaving your car on subsequent visits.




If you are staying at a Disney deluxe resort and are using valet parking, give them your room number and the charge will be made to your room bill.   If you are in a in a hurry or want to save time then when you are ready to leave your room you can telephone the valet and they will have your car waiting for you by the time you get to the front entrance.   If you are not staying at the Resort, you pay the valet captain when you return to collect your car.


It is usual to tip the attendant when you pick the car up, but if you have any special requests, it might also be a good idea to tip when you drop the car off – an example would be if you weren’t going to be very long and you wanted your car to be left nearby.




Disney Vacation Club members can valet park free of charge at all the DVC resorts, you will need to show your DVC membership card to the valet captain when you pick up your vehicle, this does not include any tip.




Disney Dining Experience Members can also valet park free of charge at any Disney resort offering this service by showing their DDE membership card, again please remember it is customary to tip.




Valet parking is free of charge to all vehicles displaying a disabled tag at all Disney facilities offering valet service.




At the Swan and Dolphin hotels, valet parking is $14.00 per day. Disney resorts’ valet receipts are not accepted by the Swan and Dolphin or vice versa.



Whether you pay for valet parking or receive it free as a perk, please remember to tip your valet for taking or retrieving your vehicle.


AAA Parking


Some vacation packages through AAA are given a special “Diamond” parking card.  If you show this card at the toll booths and to the Cast Members stationed in the lots directing parking traffic, they will allow guests access to special AAA parking areas if capacity allows.  Each park’s AAA areas are handled differently, so guests will be directed to park according to that park’s policy.



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