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Daytona Beach


WHERE: Daytona Beach, Florida



It’s the granddaddy of Florida beaches, it’s hard packed sand made the beach famous with 50 years of car racing right on the beach.  Much like in New Smyrna Beach, the hard packed sands allow cars to drive and park right on the beach.

While at the beach you can visit the Daytona Beach pier, enjoy the amusement ridge, go fishing or even relax at the bar.

The Daytona Beach area has a wide variety of activities and entertainment for folks of all ages. Daytona Beach is famous for its beaches and motorsports, but the area also offers an abundance of shopping, nightlife, cultural events, and sporting activities, making it the perfect family vacation spot.

Spend a day relaxing on “The World’s Most Famous Beach” and get away from it all. 23 miles of sandy, white beaches are open to pedestrians 24/7 with free access!

Cars are permitted in designated areas of the beach from sunrise to sunset, tidal conditions permitting. Visit Daytona Beach and find out why people love to vacation here.

Travelers with disabilities find this beach highly accessible.   



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