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Orlando Paintball

ATTRACTION: Paintball.

WHERE: Orlando Paintball, 7215 Rose Ave, Orlando, FL 32810,


PRICE:  Prices vary according to package deals and rentals. Admission Price: $10.95 if you have your own equipment, rental packages range from $25-$35.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tel 407-294-0694. Open daily Noon to Midnight. Dress code: athletic wear or body armour!

Feel like burning off a workweek’s worth of stress? Consider a visit to this facility, which offers a variety of survival games in which opponents shoot at each other with paint pellets. A traditional game scenario includes two teams infiltrating each other’s territory and attempting to capture the other team’s flag. Visitors can play in indoor or outdoor arenas. Inside are game areas featuring two-story towers, forts, bunkers and medieval structures. Outside are four themed fields and a cluster of futuristic structures.

orlando paintballxThe game is simple: protect your territory and your flag from the other opponents by guarding, hiding and attempting to pelt your enemies with paint-filled balls to get them eliminated (there is protective gear you can wear because the hits can be painful.) Orlando Paintball promises adrenaline-pumping fun at a business that has been around for over 11 years. Even if you aren’t a diehard fan, paintball can be a fun and exciting sport, especially if you hate your friends enough. Make sure you gather enough people so you have enough to assemble two teams to play capture the flag or a team elimination game. The facility has indoor and outdoor courses, and a pro shop to outfit your paintball needs. The most thrilling part may be comparing bruises afterward!!!   

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