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Sweat Glides of Florida

ATTRACTION: Guided Segway Tours.

WHERE: Sweet Glides of Florida, 915 Outer Road, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32814. (located in the Spanish style building)
AGE RESTRICTIONS: 14 to 80 years old with a weight limit of 260 pounds.

PRICE: $60 per person.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tel: (407) 668 7838 for current start times. Morning, afternoon and twilight tours available daily. Price includes a drink and a snack. Riders must be able to stand for one hour at a time.


Experience the beauty of Florida aboard a transportation marvel!

Sweet Glides of Florida, offers guided Segway tours around and through the beautiful Baldwin Park area Orlando.

Glide through the beautiful 1,100 acres of sidewalks, lakes and parks that once was the Orlando Naval Training Center. The area enjoys a proud history as a naval base, but is now a picturesque, old-fashioned community with quaint houses and thousands of acres of lakes, parks, and bike trails. The tour takes you through neighbourhoods and greenery by way of about eight miles of sidewalk trails

Tours last approximately two hours and accommodate up to 8 gliders.

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