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Magic Kingdom Shops

There is a range of shopping throughout Disney World. It is not a world of merely souvenirs, but one of designer clothes, rare glassworks and local treasures. Magic Kingdom is the place for little princesses and princes with a shop dedicated to dressing up and costumes. Main Street USA had a range of clothing shops as well as specialist shops for candy as well as collectables. Each section/land also has a themed shop. Get some pirate gear in Adventureland or check out some patriotic books in Liberty Sqaure.

Agrabah Bazaar (Adventureland) Aladdin related merchandise such as toys, clothing and other souvenirs. There is also a range of Arabian themed items.

Barber Shop (Main Street USA) Go back to the days of the old barber shop. Take a seat in an early 1900’s setting, complete with stained wood and glass as well as working phone box and cash register. Not just for men, the ladies are welcome too as well as the kids. In fact first hair cuts are the shops specialty. Kids are treated with stickers, bubbles and even a sprinkle of pixie dust. Great fun for all the family, though it is first come first served. No Appointments are taken.

Big Al’s (Frontierland) Ever wanted to be a cowboy and scare the wits out of everyone with your sixshooter and shiny sheriff badge? Perhaps you are more an indian and want to keep with the traditions of a Native American. Either way this well stocked trading shop will have everything you could ever want … and more!

Briar Patch (Frontierland) Once you are through getting wet on Splash Mountain, make the memory last at this briar patch shop. Clothing and gifts.

Buzz Lightyear Shop (Tomorrowland) This is wher you’ll pick uo your ride photo. In addition to photos, frames and t-shirts are also available at the shop. Don’t miss the photo op with Zurg behind bars — little ones can crawl behind the bars with him and pose!!

Chapeau Hat Shoppe (Main Street) An absolute must to pick up those Mickey Mouse Ears Hats. Have your name engraved onto a set of Mickey ears and wear them with pride!

Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty (Toontown) Disney toys and plush dolls. Some clothing.

Emporium (Main Street)  The Emporium is the largest gift and souvenir store in Magic Kingdom. The Emporium is the first shop on the left side of Main Street U.S.A., when entering Magic Kingdom and heading towards the castle. Hard to miss—there are numerous entrances and, at 17,000 square feet, this store covers more than one full block!

Whimsical window displays entice you inside where you can find:

·                             Classic Disney Character merchandise

·                             Family apparel

·                             Souvenirs

·                             Official Disney pins for trading

·                              Plush toys

·                             Food and candy

·                             Items with the Magic Kingdom theme park logo

Though a bustling store at most times, you may experience shorter lines earlier in the day, as the hours before Magic Kingdom theme park closes tend to be the busiest.

Don’t worry about carrying your packages around all day. The Emporium store is near lockers that you can rent to store your packages. Or use the package delivery service, one of the many benefits for guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, which sends packages directly your Resort hotel free of charge. Another option is to buy your gifts etc and then have them sent to guest relations. As long as the items aren’t perishable and you are staying in the park for at least two hours, you can pick them up on your way out.

Engine Co.71 – Firehouse Gifts (Main Street) Young firefighter related toys, gifts and accessories.

Fantasy Faire (Fantasyland) This is the gift shop associated with PhilharMagic. Fantasy Faire continues the theme of PhilharMagic, with musical notes on the wallpaper, and a large statue of Donald Duck in a tangle of instruments hanging from the ceiling. After viewing PhilharMagic, it’s nice to peruse the wares here, as you just might find something you (or your kids) will want to have. Among the many merchandise items available in this fairly large store are PhilharMagic souvenirs, plenty of assorted tee-shirts (PhilharMagic and others), lots of plush, mugs, and candy. 

Frontier Trading Post (Frontierland)  Cowboy hats, sheriff’s badges and Native American headdresses. Loads of Disney pin for sale, including special editions, commemorative gifts and pin accessories.

Geiger’s Counter (Tomorrowland) Souvenirs and pin cart.

Heritage House (Liberty Square) Next door to the Hall of Presidents is Heritage House, which sells reproductions of such Americana as parchment-like documents, campaign buttons and flags. There are also several vendors and carts nearby, including the open-air Liberty Square Portrait Gallery, where you can have your portrait done, the Silhouette Cart, where artists create and frame silhouette drawings of their subjects, and the Umbrella Cart, a spot to get personalized parasols.

Island Supply (Adventureland) This is a tropically themed surf store, featuring a reasonably good assortment of surfing clothing and accessories, alongside hand carved wooden animal statues, bowls, trinket boxes and storage containers. It’s not the place to go to buy the latest in surf boards – Ron Jon’s at Cocoa Beach is, but then WDW’s not the place to go to surf either! But if you’re after some wild surf clothing, sunglasses, or anything like that then it may just have what you want.

Main Street Confectionery (Main Street) A giant candy store. A tasty worlds of sweets, choclate, fudge, candy, Mickey-shaped rice crispies and much more.

Main Street Gallery (Main Street) Serious collectors of Disney memorabilia stop at Main Street Gallery, next to City Hall. Limited-edition sculptures, dolls, posters, and sometimes even park signs are available.  

Merchant of Venus (Tomorrowland) A large collection of Stitch merchandise including hats, shirts, pins, toys and other collectables. Also a small collection of Tomorrowland merchandise. At the exit of “Stitch’s Great Escape!” ride.

Mickey’s Star Traders (Tomorrowland) All sorts of Disney merchandise from clothing to toys. Also a range of films and sunscreen as well as other essential supplies. A large shop and one of the best places to shop in Magic Kingdom besides the Main Street.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair Souvenirs (Toontown) Hats and small souvenirs.

Newsstand (Park Entrance) At the front of the Magic Kingdom park, even before you walk through the tunnels under the railroad tracks after entering, is a little store called the Newsstand. It’s located off to the far left just after the entrance turnstiles.While the name and the facade fits right into the Main Street, U.S.A. area, the name is not indicative of the merchandise sold here. The Newsstand is more of a “general purpose” shop, with various items including a small selection of plush and a few tee shirts. The main attraction here is the more utilitarian items, with film and disposable cameras, suntan oil, and bags and “fanny” packs. Its location at the very front of the park makes it a good place to find the things you’ll need during your visit to the park but that you forgot back at the room–or that you didn’t realize you were going to need until you were already on your way.If you’re looking for a quick place to grab a “necessary” item, you just may find it in the Newsstand. Just don’t expect to find any newspapers or paperbacks here!

Pirate’s Bazzar (Adventueland) Just outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Pirate’s Bazaar is a good place to shop for your next Halloween costume. The pirate hats, swords, and hooks-for-hands are hits with everyone who has a bit of the scoundrel in them. And if you think you’re too cool for a souvenir T-shirt, the Bazaar’s hip and slightly Gothic shirts will make you reconsider. There are gritty, almost sinister skull-and-bones appliqués on biker vests, and skull caps.Movie novelty collectors can buy any number of items with the logo from the Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Pooh’s Thotful Shop (Fantasyland) Pick up some great gifts from the Hundred Acre Wood. For everything a forgetful bear could want, look no further. Watch out for bouncing tiggers and beware of scary Heffalumps and Woozles. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl and of course Christopher Robin are all waiting for you!

Prairie Outpost and Supply (Frontierland) Candy/sweet shop. A range of gifts and treats as well as a counter service with freshly made items. Pick and Mix candy, commemorative boxed chocolates, jelly beans, sherbet and lollies of all types.

Seven Dwarf’s Mine (Fantasyland) This is a good place to find Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs items, including dresses, sweatshirts, playsets, and candy. 

Sir Mickey’s (Fantasyland) The largest Fantasyland shop, and unlike the other themed shops, has a general selection of items. It also carries some higher value items like watches and polo shirts.

Splash Mountain Shop (Frontierland) You rode the ride, now buy the photo. Get your memory of Splash Montain framed or just in a mount. Why not buy a t shirt or other themed items while you wait!

Tinker Bell’s Treasures (Fantasyland) Every princess knows the best place to buy her clothes is at this shop. Let the magical pixie dust turn you into a fairy princess! This is pretty much princessland, with sparkly, shimmering dresses, hats, dolls, and jewellery.

Toontown Farmer’s Market (Toontown) Fruit stand with drinks.

Town Square Exposition Hall (Main Street) Pick up your Photopass photos here. Photo albums, stationery.

Uptown Jewelers (Main Street) Along with a dazzling display of jewellery, figurines, and collectible Disney lithographs, you can see Disney artists at work in the Watchmaker’s corner. The artists sketch Disney characters and themes for the watch faces that are then built into Citizen watches. Ranging in price from $200-$450, these one-of-a-kind watches are exclusive to this store and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Yankee Trader Gourmet Shop (Liberty Square) Food and cooking items.

Ye Olde Christmas Shop (Liberty Square) An all year round Christmas shop. Sells a wide range of character themed christmas items including tree-toppers, baubles, toy trains, figurines and various souvenir ornaments.

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