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Magic Kingdom Information and Services

ATMs in Magic Kingdom


Walt Disney World has Bank One Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) located throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.




  • Transportation and Ticket Centre
  • Park Entrance near the Locker Hires
  • City Hall
  • Frontierland & Adventureland Breezeway near the Shooting Gallery
  • Fantasyland near the Pinocchio Village Haus Restrooms
  • Tomorrowland Arcade


Baby Care Centre in Magic Kingdom


For all your baby and toddler needs stop off here. No need to fight with the sun and crowds. Changing tables, small toilets, feeding rooms, microwaves and even a small shop await you. Help is also at hand if further assistance is needed.




  • The Baby Care Centre is next to The Crystal Palace restaurant, off Main Street, U.S.A. From the entrance continue along Main Street USA till you reach the end. Turn Left at Casey’s Corner and continue along the path till you see the entrance on the left before you reach the Crystal Palace.


Camera Services in Magic Kingdom


There are various camera services available at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. These services may include burning a CD of digital camera photos from a memory card, film sales, camera sales, camera and digital camera accessories and minor camera repair. Film can be purchased at most retail locations.


At certain locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort, Guests with digital cameras can download their images and other media information from a digital media card to a CD. Each of the camera centres in the four Theme Parks has been equipped with this new technology. Guests with digital cameras can print images from a digital media card or download images to a CD. These kiosks allow Guests to burn up to 120 digital pictures onto a CD or print 4×6 photo prints from a camera memory card or photo CD right in the store.




  • Camera Services are located at the camera centre at Exposition Hall at Main Street, USA.


First Aid in Magic Kingdom


There is a First Aid Station available in each Theme Park at Walt Disney World, for all your bumps, cuts, and other needs.




  • First Aid is located next to The Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A.


Pet Care Kennel in Magic Kingdom


With the exception of service dogs for Guests with disabilities, pets are not permitted in the Disney World Theme Parks, hotels, on the Resort or on Theme Park buses. They may, however, stay in one of the air-conditioned kennels, which are members of the American Boarding Kennel Association.


Kennel fees are per animal, per night. Guests are required to walk and exercise their pets 2-3 times daily.


Resort reservations do not guarantee a kennel space for your pets; availability is first come, first served. No native wildlife or exotic species are allowed in the kennels. Prior to boarding, all Guests are required to show records of vaccination (for dogs: Rabies, Parvovirus, D.H.P. and Bordetella; for cats: Rabies, Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitus and Calcivirus.




  • At Magic Kingdom Park the Pet Care Kennels are located next to the Transportation and Ticket Centre.


Lockers in Magic Kingdom


For the convenience of guests, lockers may be rented for a small fee to store items during visits to the Disney World Theme Parks, Water Parks and Downtown Disney area.




  • Lockers are located near the Transportation and Ticket Centre or the Main Street Railroad Station, adjacent to the Wheelchair/ECV rental location.


·         Small locker size:  11″H x 9″W x 16″ deep


·         Large locker size:   17″H x 12″W x 22″ deep


Rental costs


  • Large Locker:  $7 per day plus a $5 deposit which is refunded when the key is returned
  • Small Locker:  $5 per day plus a $5 deposit which is refunded when the key is returned


Key must be turned in within an hour of park closing


Key operated lockers can be accessed as often as you like and if you want to visit more than one park a day, you will need to:


Return key for the $5 deposit and get receipt


Take the receipt to the next park


Present receipt and pay $5 deposit.  You will then have a locker for the remainder of the day


Package Pick-Up in Magic Kingdom




For the convenience of guests, purchases made throughout the day in Walt Disney World can be delivered to these locations for you to pick up as you exit the Park. Purchases can also be delivered to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel or shipped via UPS or FedEx.




  • Package Pick-Up on Main Street, U.S.A. is located at Station Break underneath the Main Street Train Station.


Stroller/Pushchair Rental in Magic Kingdom


For the convenience of guests, strollers/pushchairs are available for hire.


Quantities are limited and subject to availability.


The stroller/pushchair hire fee is $15.00 per day for a single and $31.00 per day for a double.


For guests who require stroller hire for multiple days. Disney offers a Length of Stay rental, the price drops to $13.00 per day for a single and $27.00 per day for a double.


Just show your receipt and be expedited through the queue with little or no wait time.


If you hop to a second (or more) park on the same day as your paid rental, showing your receipt from the first park with allow you use of a stroller at no additional cost.




  • Rentals are available at the Stroller Shop just inside the main entrance to the Park, on the right as you enter the turnstiles.


  • If you need to replace your stroller, replacements (with hire receipt) are available in Main Street USA at Stroller/Wheelchairs, Frontierland at The Treading Post and in Tomorrowland at the Tomorrowland Terrace.



Designated Smoking Areas in Magic Kingdom




  • In the garden at the West end of the mall, near the ferryboat area.


Main Street USA 


  • The corner of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.


  • Across from the Plaza Restaurant lower seating area near the Waterside outdoor tables at the Plaza Pavilion Restaurant  




  • To the left of Pirates of the Caribbean queue, near the riverside of the Jungle Cruise.


  • Between Bwana Bob’s and Swiss Family Tree house (opposite the Aloha Isle)  


Liberty Square  


  • Behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe  




  • At the exit point of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad near the viewing area over the riverside.


  • Exterior seating area of Pecos Bill’s Café, next to Frontierland Fries  





  • At the back of Cinderella’s Castle, on the left waterside pathway.


Mickey’s Toontown


  • Mickey’s Toontown Fair Train Station at the back exit.




  • At the exit between Tomorrowland Indy Speedway and Geiger’s Counter.  There is a slightly lowered section, with viewing point of the cars loading and setting off.


Located on the left side, at the planter across from the Carousel of Progress


Wheelchair Hire in Magic Kingdom


For the convenience of guest with disabilities or special needs. Disney World provides the following mobility assistance.


There is limited availability, particularly at peak times.


It is worth remembering though that if an ECV or wheelchair is not available at the Magic Kingdom, a guest can be waitlisted by providing their cell phone number. If one then becomes available, they can pick it up at the main entrance rental location


Wheelchair and Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) hire. Guests who require a wheelchair hire for multiple days, there is a Length of Stay hire ticket with a one off payment for as many days as needed. This really helps avoid queues at the collection points. Simply present your receipt at the hire location.


  • Daily Fee/Charge: US$10.00 for Wheelchairs and US$45.00 for ECVs with a refundable deposit of US$20.00.


  • Multiple Day Fee/Charge: US$8.00 per day for Wheelchairs.




Hires are available at the Pushchair Shop inside the Park entrance.


Rental Locations


·         Mickey’s Gift Station at the Ticket and Transportation Center (limited quantities available)


·         Wheelchair and Stroller shop located to the right of the turnstiles upon entering the park


Replacement Locations:


·         Tomorrowland Arcade at Tinker Bell’s


·         Treasure in Fantasyland


·         Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland


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