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Fastpass ticketThe Disney FASTPASS system allows guests to book a certain ride for a certain time. In theory this means less waiting in queues and more time enjoying the parks.

How FASTPASS works

Fast Pass TicketAs you approach a FASTPASS enabled attraction you should see a FASTPASS ticket machine. Slide your park ticket into the machine and you should get a ticket showing your designated ride time. Simply return at the time on the ticket and you should be able to walk straight on or at least, with less queue then normal.

Each attraction which has FastPass will have two entrances, a fastpass and a normal. Above the fastpass entrance you should see a return time. As long as this time is in between the times printed on your ticket you can go straight in.

NOTE you cannot get another fastpass until the time stated on your current ticket

Your FASTPASS is only valid for one ride and should be given to the cast member on the way in.

TIP only a certain number of fastpasses are given for a certain attraction and they CAN run out so if you’re hoping for a fastpass on a popular ride, get there as soon as you can


dream fastpassDuring the year of a million dreams celebration 2008 guests can receive a special Dream Fastpass. Cast members award Dream Fastpasses to guests standing at predetermined random locations inside the park, at predetermined times (usually within the first few hours of opening). The Dream Fastpass is a card hung on a lanyard with a removable tab for each enabled attraction. Guests may enter the Fastpass return line whenever they choose, where they hand over that attraction’s tab.

At the Disneyland Resort, the Dream Fastpass entitles guests to one priority entry to each attraction with Fastpass access, in both the Disneyland and California Adventure parks. At Walt Disney World, Dream Fastpasses are good only for the park in which they are awarded (i.e., an award in the Magic Kingdom will be good only for that park’s attractions).




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