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Special Dietary Needs

For Guests with Special Dietary Needs
You’ll find a variety of low-fat, low-carb, and vegetarian entrees at the Crown Colony Restaurant, Zagora Café, Zambia Smokehouse and Desert Grill. If you’re concerned about a food allergy, please speak with a restaurant manager or supervisor before consuming any food items. For more information, contact the Busch Gardens Culinary Team at 1-813-987-5444.
Gluten Free Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens will gladly accommodate you upon your visit, please check with the managers of each loaction upon from visit, this way they will be able to guide you through their menu options that may suitable for you, please call in advance, this way it will insure they have what you need on your arrival date. There are several other restaurants here that may accommodate but I did not let them, these below are known to accommodate.

Crown Colony Café
Desert Grill
Zagora Café
Zambia Smokehouse

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