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Dining at Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Dining
Choose from a full-service restaurant or grab a bite at one of the self-service restaurants and specialty food locations. You can even reserve your place at the daily Lunch With an Astronaut briefing, which includes a delicious lunch, a briefing and Q&A with a NASA astronaut. 

While you won’t have to exist on the powdered drinks and squeeze-tube dinners that were once standard fare for astronauts, neither can you expect a gourmet dining experience at KSC Visitor Complex.  

One of the management’s best inspirations has been to dispatch dozens of freestanding food carts to various points in the Visitor Complex. They offer everything from ice cream snacks to hot dogs. Given the difficulty of squeezing everything into a one-day visit to the Center, it makes a lot of sense to eat on the run from these carts and save the big sit-down meal for later in the evening.


Orbit Café 
After a $3.5 million upgrade, Orbit Cafeteria and Mila’s have become Orbit Café. Featuring the same great menu, but with more space, this Kennedy Space Center dining option offers something for everyone.


Lunch With an Astronaut
Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of having lunch with a veteran NASA astronaut. During this unique Kennedy Space Center dining experience, you’ll hear inspiring stories about space exploration while enjoying a delicious meal. Later, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and have photos taken with an astronaut. Price is $43.46 for adults and $32.86 for children ages 3-11, in addition to admission.  Prices include tax.
Moon Rock Café (at the Apollo/Saturn V Center) 
Moonwalking can make you hungry. Dine among the sights and sounds of the Apollo lunar landings during your KSC tour.
Space Dots
Get a cool taste of the ice cream of the future. Look for Space Dots® just outside The Space Shop and near the Space Shuttle Explorer at the Visitor Complex.
Milky Way
Chill out with soft drinks and soft-serve ice cream near the Astronaut Encounter Theater entrance.
G-Force Grill
A quick refueling stop for snacks or sandwiches – just one small step from Astronaut Encounter.
Snacks/Drinks Kiosk
Train like an astronaut on Shuttle Launch Experience, then rendezvous for a refreshing snack.

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