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Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo

ATTRACTION: Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo.

WHERE: 26205 East Colonial Drive (State Road 50), Christmas, Florida 32709


PRICE: $19.95 for adults, $16.95 ages 60 and up, $12.95 children ages 3—11. Under 3 year olds are admitted free. Prices are plus tax.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Open 9.30am until 5.30pm seven days a week.  Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo is open every day of the year. Phone: 407-568-2885  


Experience wildlife encounters with rare Florida panthers, black bears, grey wolves, white-tailed deer, tropical birds, reptiles and mammals. Take a jungle swamp cruise and be surrounded by more than two hundred alligators. 

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo is a 10 acre natural Florida environment. Guests experience the park on safe, paved footpaths and raised rustic boardwalks, as well as seated on board the pontoon river boat. Guests may explore at their own pace all day long. Average visits are at least three hours or more.


Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo is home to an ever growing and diverse group of animals. Presently, you can encounter the following species: Black Bear, Florida Panther, Western Cougar, Bobcat, Gray Wolf, Wild Boar, Red Fox, Striped Skunk, Raccoon, Coatimundi, White-Tailed Deer, Fallow Deer, Spider Monkey, Lion-Tailed Macaque, American Alligator, American Crocodile, Nile Crocodile, Siamese Crocodile, Morelet’s Crocodile, Spectacled Caiman, Yacare Caiman, Green Iguana, African Spurred Tortoise, Florida Snapping Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Red-Eared Slider, Yellow-Bellied Slider, Florida Soft-shell Turtle, Boa Constrictor, Burmese Python, Ball Python, Yellow Rat Snake, Red Rat Snake, Indian Peacock, Blue and Gold Macaw, African Gray Parrot, Yellow-Naped Amazon, Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, White Ibis, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Cattle Egret, Sandhill Crane, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Red-Tailed Hawk, Osprey, the Official American National Bird – Bald Eagle, the Official Florida State Bird – Mocking Bird and other native Florida and migratory birds.



Jungle Swamp River Boat: Cruise aboard the Jungle Swamp River Boat on a personally guided passage on Green Gator River around Wild Animal Island and deep inside a natural Florida habitat with over two hundred Alligators, flocks of tropical birds and authentic replicas of old Florida





Wildlife Encounter Showplace: See live animal demonstrations with Jungle Adventures guides. Get wildlife encounters personal photos that will be one of a kind mementos of your opportunities to see rare Florida panthers and touch baby alligators, exotic birds, furry little critters, and if you like, snakes too!


Jungle Oasis Amphitheatre: Visit the outdoor, canvas covered Jungle Oasis Amphitheatre and see live guided wildlife encounter shows. Be thrilled and educated by live animal demonstrations with critters like tropical birds, exotic reptiles and furry mammals.


Jungle Jim’s Gator Encounters: Meet Jungle Jim, the gator wrangler. He will personally answer your questions about nature as you see him coax huge full grown alligators up and out of the water, wrangle’ them one on one, and hand feed them their favourite foods!


Jumping Gator Feeding: Several times a day, when the dinner bell rings, it’s time to eat! Gators will come chomping, led by monster sized Goliath. They will leap straight out of the water and into the air to snap a snack from the hands of our intrepid Jungle Adventures guides!


Native American Artefacts & Demonstrations: Visit the Native American Indian Village Replica and learn about how Native Americans lived in Florida centuries ago. See authentic replicas of ancient tools and decorative artefacts made by Native American Indians of today.

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