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Parrot Jungle Island


ATTRACTION: Parrot Jungle Island.

WHERE: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, Florida 33132.

PRICE: Adults (Ages 11-64) $32.95 plus tax. Seniors (Ages 65+) $30.95 plus tax.
Children (Ages 3-10) $24.95 plus tax. Children (Ages 0-2) Free.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Open 365 days a year, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Special shows and events at this popular Miami attraction may extend Jungle Island’s hours. Upon arrival, ask the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations for any special event or show information. Parking $8.

Jungle map…. HERE



Single Stroller – $7.50
Double Stroller – $10.50
Wheelchair – $8.50
Electronic Convenience Vehicle (ECV) – $30.00


Jungle Island VIP Safari: A 90 minute guided tour of the animals with their trainers. Visit with orang-utans, reptiles and birds.

Price includes lunch, t/shirt, park admission and a 10% discount at the gift shop.

Children ages 3-10, $120. Adults $240.

Maximum of 10 guests per tour. To reserve a tour ring 305 400 7211 and speak to Arali or


Lemur Encounter: Interact with these adorable golden eyed primates. The 45 minute encounter includes an educational session with an animal trainer and a chance to play with and hold these charming little rascals.

$45 per person plus tax.  Call 305 400 7275 to book your encounter.


Penguin Encounter: Chill out with South African penguins. Have a close encounter with these adorable friends. The 30 minute encounter includes an educational session with a trainer and interaction time with the penguins.

$45 per person plus tax. Call 305 400 7275 to book your encounter.


Winged Wonders Show: Jungle Island’s three entertaining shows feature some of the wildest animals from around the globe.  From the world’s most lethal bird to some of the most deadly snakes found anywhere, these are animals you will have to see to believe. Presented in the Pepsi Parrot Bowl, Winged Wonders captivates audiences with some of the most beautiful, playful, and dangerous birds from all over the world. Enjoy some laughs from our feathered chatter boxes, catch the thrill of a huge vulture flying inches above your head, and be amazed as a six-foot tall Cassowary swallows an apple—whole. Before the show, be sure to lookout for Pinky, the iconic cockatoo who has been entertaining audiences for decades by riding his high-wire bicycle.
Show times:  10:30am    1:15pm    4:15pm


Tale of the Tiger Show: Tale of the Tiger is an up-close, uncaged, unbelievable interaction with the world’s rarest big cats & their human companions. This show features many rare and unique varieties of big cats, including four fantastic colours of tigers. Throughout the year, a rotating cast of big cats make appearances in the Jungle Theater from tigers to Black Panthers, Lynx to Spotted Leopards, Cougars to Ligers. And of course, there is always an assortment of cuddly cubs who are sure to bring a smile to your face. Other animals join the cast of Tale of the Tiger including Orang-utans, Chimpanzees, Binturongs, Gibbons, Capuchins, Lemurs and more!

This incredible presentation of big cats is produced by T.I.G.E.R.S., The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, an international big cat conservation educational organization. After each show, guests can purchase special, up-close photographs with tiger cubs or primates.

Show times:  12:30pm    3:15pm    *5:40pm
*Weekends & Holidays only

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