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mexicoMexico is the very first pavilion you will come to if you turn left when exiting Future World. The huge exterior of the pavilion is modeled after an Aztec Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan. Climb the steps and enter for a wonderful experience of the sights and sounds of Mexico.

Mexico is the only Epcot pavilion which is housed completely inside a building. This creates a magical atmosphere. You feel as though you are stepping inside a bustling Mexican market place with stalls selling everything from hand crafted silver jewelry to traditional carvings, clothing to tequila.

Mexico is the other pavilion in additional to Norway which has it’s own ride. The Grand Fiesta Tour Staring the Three Cabelleros. You board a boat and sail past the candlelit restaurant by a shady lagoon at the foot of a smoking volcano – and into scenes depicting ancient Mexico.  And don’t miss the fascinating “Animales Fantasticos” art collection, with its colorful folk-art woodcarvings.

The San Angel Inn is inside the pavilion in a beautiful candlelit setting at the side of the boat ride river. You can watch the boats sailing past as you dine on the excellent Mexican cuisine.

Mariachi Cobre
mariacobreMariachi Cobre is a band of internationally acclaimed mariachi musicians. The group was formed in 1971 by Randy Carillo, his brother, and two fellow students. Over the years the company of players has changed, but they’ve been performing at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion since the very beginning. They have performed with such stars as Linda Ronstadt, Julio Iglesias and Carlos Santana. Cobre play with powerful emotions of joy and love, in the true spirit of their musical heritage. 

Find them on the steps of the Aztec pyramid in the Mexico pavilion or inside the pyramid in the market. Show length is 25 minutes.



norwayThe Norway Pavilion was built to represent Bergen, Oslo, Alesund and Setesdahl. This picturesque pavilion includes a replica of the 14th century Akershus castle, a stave church and replicas of historic traditional buildings.  

This is one of only two Epcot pavilions which has it’s own ride attraction. Here you will find Maelstrom a water ride which takes you on a dark journey though Viking history. The ride is approximately 4 and a half minutes long and takes you over water falls and gentle drops.  

The store sells trolls, perfume, jewelry, books and hand knitted sweaters. Don’t forget to take a troll home!

Akershus restaurant houses the Princess Storybook Dining.If you want to meet the Disney Princesses then this is the place to be.  

Spelmanns Gledje
spelmansTake a musical journey to Scandinavia! Enjoy festive folk music and dance with this quintet featuring fabulous fiddler Jonita Aadland. The unique mix of accordion, recorder-flute, bass, guitar and fiddle creates a remarkable repertoire of dance classics — from waltzes to polkas.  


chinaChina is one of the most beautiful Epcot pavilions, particularly at night. You enter the pavilion under a replica of the Gate of the Golden Sun and pass a relaxing garden on the way to a magnificent Temple of Heaven inside of which is the Reflections of China Movie Theater. This attraction is a standing only theater – it needs to be as you are surrounded by the images and have to turn around to appreciate them fully.

Banners that stretch above offer good wishes to passerby can be translated “May good fortune follow you on your path through life” and “May virtue be your neighbor.”

Discover authentic tomb sculptures from Ancient China that date back 2,000 years. There is also a miniature recreation of the tomb of China’s first emperor. Experience a replica of the famous excavation in Xi’an, China in the House of the Whispering Willows Gallery exhibit “Tomb Warriors Guardian Spirits of Ancient China.”

china2The store/markets sell clothing, furniture, jewelry, kitchen ware, silk furnishings and paper fans.

The Lotus Blosson Cafe is the counter service dining option in the China pavilion.  
The Nine Dragons full service restaurant serves all the Chinese cuisine favorites which you would expect: Sesame Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Fried Rice and Shanghai Beef and Tofu.    

Dragon Legend Acrobats
Amazing performances from some of the best Chinese young acrobats. Check the schedule for show times and be sure to get there early to get a good viewing spot. Marvel at the stunts of these terrific young Chinese acrobats (young performers ages 10 to 18 years from the Pu Yang Academy of Acrobatics in China) as they defy gravity flying through the air, diving through hoops, forming human pyramids and much more! The troupe performs right inside the gate at the front of the China pavilion unless the weather is poor when they will relocate inside.  

Show length is 20 minutes.

china3Si Ixian
Be transported over 2,000 years by the incredibly rich, traditional sounds of the zheng, a Chinese harp. Enjoy a timeless tradition with authentic interpretation, achieved through deep understanding and thorough study. Experience an elegant sound that surrounds you with splendor and grace.


germanyYou get the feeling of being in an historic German town as soon as you walk into this   charming cobblestone plaza. There is a Biergarten towards the back which is modeled around the 16th century town of Rothenberg.  The Biergarten is a lot of fun. A traditional German buffet is worth it not so much for the quality of food but for the entertainment and atmosphere. Open for lunch and dinner this buffet restaurant offers selections of traditional German favorites: Bratwurst, Pork Schnitzel, Bavarian Sausage Salad, Rotisserie Chicken, Braised Red Cabbage, and Black Forest Cake. The main attraction of this buffet is the oompah band complete with lederhosen wearing entertainers.  

The statue in the center of the plaza is of St. George, the patron saint of soldiers. A glockenspiel chimes to a melody specially composed for Epcot.

There are shops on both sides of the town square selling a huge selection of specialty food and wine, toys and traditional cuckoo clocks. Enjoy delicious baked goods, great international food, dance, live music, specialty stores and daily wine tastings.  

As you approach the pavilion from Italy don’t forget to look at the model railway.  

germany3Oktoberfest Musikanten
Oktoberfest Musikanten are an energetic 6 member musical group that performs traditional Bavarian music for guests of all ages. Dressed in typical German clothing including lederhosen, the group put on a fun-filled show of authentic German singing, dancing and yodeling. Using traditional instruments like accordion, tuba and guitar, you are invited to frolic in the oom-pah of the music and join in the spirited celebration.

Show length is 25 minutes throughout the day in the Biergarten restauarant or outside in the nearby courtyard.




italy2The Italy pavilion is based around St Mark’s Square in Venice. There is even a boat dock in the lagoon with some gondolas (unfortunately for decoration only). The entrance to the pavilion is marked by a 105 foot bell tower. To the left of this is a replica of the 14th Century Doge’s Palace. The buildings are so well done you just feel like you are really there. Standing atop one of the large columns at the entrance is a sculpture of the Lion of St. Mark, the other of St. Theodore, an important figure from Venice. Forced perspective draws your eyes toward the large open area in the back of the pavilion, creating an illusion italythat the columns are larger than they are.

Throughout the day musicians, clowns and acting troupes often appear in the piazza to entertain Guests of all ages, and Disney Characters from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio make daily appearances in and around the Italy Pavilion.

The store in Italy is full of authentic Italian goods such as wine, beautiful masks, books, clothing, jewelry and gourmet food.

The full service restaurant is Tutto Italia. A traditional Italian menu with pasta and fish dishes being the main attraction.   

Sergio is an Italian mime artist and juggler. He dazzles the audience with his skill and usually audience participation is a must. 




americaLook across the lagoon from the Future World side of Epcot and you will notice one pavilion which is directly across from you at the most southerly point of the park – this huge structure built in Colonial style is The American Adventure Pavilion.  Imagineers decided to use the American Pavilion as the centerpiece and host pavilion for World Showcase. The pavilion was built in the form of a Georgian mansion, built with 110,000 handmade Georgia clay bricks.

The Voices of Liberty entertain guests with patriotic and spiritual songs in the best a cappella tradition at the great rotunda on the first floor, while the American Adventure attraction tells the story of the spirit of America through two famous Americans, Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin. Inside the rotunda you’ll also find numerous paintings as well as famous quotations from famous Americans like Walt Disney, Charles A. Lindbergh, Herman Melville, Ayn Rand, Thomas Wolfe and many others.

At the front of the pavilion at the edge of the lagoon is The America Gardens Theater. This stages outdoor concerts and events such as The Candlelight Processional which is a very popular event at Christmas time.

Whilst the American Adventure Pavilion is impressive, the store and the dining are not that great in this pavilion. The store is very small and has few items – mainly books and clothing. There is no full service restaurant. The Liberty Inn is counter service and has favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken strips.  

Voices of Liberty
The Voices of Liberty sing Americana, folk and patriotic songs. Be inspired by this 8-part a capella group that harmonizes under the acoustically pure dome in the rotunda. Enjoy such classics as “Ol’ Man River,” “Yankee Doodle” and “Amazing Grace.” The group dress splendidly in 19th century clothing.

Voices of Liberty performs at different times throughout the day, so be sure to check your guide for times. Shows are 15 minutes long.

Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps
Step in time with a marvelous colonial marching band corp. Yankee Doodle Dandy, God Bless America and many more tunes are played out in time to the marching steps of the men.

Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps performs at different times throughout the day, so be sure to check your guide for times.











japanThe pavilion is built around a courtyard surrounded by traditional Japanese buildings and enclosing a garden. To one side is a pagoda where at select times of the day Matsuriza the traditional Japanese drums are played. The pagoda building is a blue roofed, five story building and is topped with a bronze, nine ringed sorin, or spire complete with gold wind chimes and a water flame.

Walk past two stone sentries and you are inside the Bijutsu-kan gallery, where a rotating art show provides glimpses into the world of Japanese art.

A huge Torri gate dominates the edge of the lagoon near the entrance to the pavilion – this is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Epcot. Bamboo, Japanese maples, evergreen and monkey puzzle trees complete the landscape.

Near the courtyard stands the Shishinden, an inspired ceremonial and coronation hall found in the Imperial Palace grounds at Kyoto. Inside the Shishinden visitors can browse through the large Mitsukoshi Department Store for clothing, food, jewelry, books and even Japanese swords.  Although the foods often evoke quizzical faces in Western visitors, Japanese tourists delight in their discovery of familiar snacks from home. 

A new exhibit has opened in the Japan Pavilion at Disney’s Epcot. The Spirit Beasts: From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars exhibit features mysterious creatures from traditional Japanese myths and art. Many of the creatures were the inspiration forsome of the most popular modern-day characters from Japan’s manga comics. The exhibit is expected to be in place for several years and can be found in the part of the pavilion that used to be home to Tin Toy Stories: Made in Japan exhibit and recently the traveling photography exhibit Timeless Beauty: World Heritage Sites of Japan. You may immediately recognized some of the Japanese characters from video games and TV shows that your children still enjoy.


You can stop by and see Miyuki – a Japanese candy artist. She makes beautiful animal figures out of colored candy.

A counter service restaurant which tends to get overlooked is the Yakitori House. Tucked away at the back of the pavilion behind the gardens it serves sushi, noodles, teriyaki chicken and miso soup. This is a good place for a healthy meal in Epcot. There is limited inside and outdoor seating.

There are now 2 full service dining restaurants in the Japan pavilion. Tepan Edo and Tokyo Dining. Tepan Edo is the new Teppanyaki dining room where guests are served with food prepared by chef’s right in front of them. Both restaurants are of a high standard and very popular with guests.

Matsuriza is a taiko drumming group. Taiko is a traditional form of drumming that uses drums ranging from six inches to six feet and is well worth the time to hear. Needless to say, when one of performances is going, you’ll know it all around World Showcase. In addition to more traditional arrangements, Matsuriza performs its own compositions. Show length is 15 minutes.


Miyuki performs the classic Japanese art of live candy making. Taking a hot ball of  “clay” made of soft rice dough, Miyuki uses her hands, scissors, and paint to craft all types of creatures. Watch in amazement as Miyuki brings to life dazzling dragons, regal horses and vibrant flowers. Each creation is given to the person who requested it from the audience. She makes half-dozen or so per session, but competition for getting one is high so you may need to wait through several shows, and she gives preference to children. Miyuki performs for 20 minutes at various times throughout the day.  



Get swept away at the Morocco Pavilion, a faraway land that is divided into two diverse sections: the Ville Novelle (“new city”) and the Medina (“old city”).  

Morocco includes the Gallery of Arts. This is often overlooked as many guests walk straight by but it is well worth venturing in to see the displays of science, music and technology. The Fez House is an example of a typical Moroccan house.

The Medina, or old city, portion of the pavilion allows guests to experience the feeling of a bustling Moroccan marketplace. Shoppers browsing among the thousands of authentic Moroccan crafts will find straw baskets, woodcarvings, custom jewelry, leather goods, brass pots and much more.

A traditional fountain, inspired by the Najjarine Fountain in Fez, is a centerpiece in the showcase courtyard.

morocco2The sounds of MoRockin can be heard for quite a distance. A blend of traditional Arabic music and rock with a belly dancer to entertain you.

Try the Restaurant Marrakesh. It offers traditional Moroccan food , friendly service, live music and even a belly dancer. Try the lemon chicken, kebabs, couscous. This restaurant is often easier to get a table at the last minute as it is one of the most overlooked in the World Showcase.

The Tangierine Café has seating inside and out and you can enjoy traditional Mediterranean food.   

Get down and groove to the enchanting beats of Mo’Rockin! Blending rhythms from around the globe—including Middle Eastern, African, Spanish and American—and performing it all on traditional and modern instuments, Mo’Rockin creates original music that everyone in your family will love.
Mo’Rockin performs 20-minute sets at various times throughout the day. During the show, you’ll be clapping your hands and tapping your feet to the unique melodies and soulful vocals of this high-energy band. And with an exotic bellydancer on hand, Mo’Rockin offers a treat for the eyes as well as the ears.


france3The buildings are traditional French architecture such as you would expect to find in Paris. The scene is of course dominated by a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

A small bubbling water fountain greets visitors in a pavilion designed in a turn-of-the-century style. The pavilion includes Impressions de France, a 15-minute film set to classical music that introduces you to the country and is projected around the theater onto 5 screens giving a 200 degree panoramic view of the beautiful scenery and sights of France.

The shops sell perfume, wine, clothing, kitchen items and a lot of replica Eiffel Towers!

The food in France is of course excellent – ranging from fine dining to a Boulangerie Pâtisserie. Treat yourself to a cake or pastry and sit on one of the outside tables and watch the world go by. Or enjoy a crepe and a glass of wine overlooking the lagoon – yes the glass is plastic but the wine still tastes pretty good.

franceIf you want to enjoy an authentic French meal then you have a couple of choices here. If you are looking for the ultimate fine dining experience then visit the Bistro de Paris for the more upscale experience in this pavilion. Enjoy lobster,rack of lamb,duck breast or pork tenderloin.  

Chefs de France also has excellent food, great service and an informal atmosphere. You will find traditional French favorites such as onion soup, escargots, broiled salmon and of course the creme brulee.

Frequently seen in the France pavilion is Serveur Amusant, a comedic waiter who does stunts in the common area of the pavilion.

Serveur Amusant
Watch a hilarious balancing act featuring 2 waiters as they get to the top of things! Turning an ordinary table setting into a teetering tower of chairs that threatens to topple over onto the cobblestone streets of the France.


uk4An interesting collection of historic buildings including a Hampton Court influenced palace, a Tudor cottage, Georgian and Regency inspired buildings make up this delightful picture of The United Kingdom. You can even have a traditional British pint in the Rose and Crown. Attention to detail is evident as guests stroll through lovely flower gardens, and cobbled streets, passing red phone booths along the way. Even venture into a short hedge maze that kids will love

The British Invasion, a Beatles tribute band regularly play here. Check the show times for performances as this attraction is tucked behind the buildings and many miss it.  Don’t miss the Hat Lady at the Rose & Crown Pub and the comical World Showcase Players improv troupe whose street shenanigans are hysterical.

There’s a bounty of British goods to be found like toys, clothing and Beatles merchandise, medieval castle playsets, swords, daggers, knives and shields, real feather quills, perfume, cologne and jewelry. For the sports fan, you’ll find all things rugby and soccer including, clothing, balls, hats, and books. For the tea lover, there’s a wide selection of bagged and loose teas, teapots, biscuits and candy.

If you want to dine in The United Kingdom you have a couple of choices. Yorkshire County Fish and Chips is a great spot for counter service dining. The only disadvantage is that there is limited outside seating.

If you want a restaurant meal then the Rose and Crown serves traditional British favorites such as Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, and Vegetable Curry. This restaurant is an excellent place to be if you can snag a table overlooking the lagoon and time it to be there for the Illuminations Reflections of Earth fireworks.

uk2British Invasion
Several times an afternoon they fill the United Kingdom Pavilion with fans as they work through not just hits from the Beatles but other British Invasion bands such as Herman’s Hermits and the Dave Clark Five. Dig the best of British pop as these four marvelous, talented mopheads deliver a rousing live performance including some of your favorite songs, from “Nowhere Man” to “Penny Lane.” The set is rarely exactly the same: each show features different classic songs.
ukThe Hat Lady
The Hat Lady is a fabulous pianist, singer and overall vivacious entertainer performing at the Rose & Crown Pub. She’s warm, funny and certain to make you feel at home. Sing along with her as she plays.
The World Showcase Players
Go back to the time of merry old England as performers inspire and amaze with comical tails of Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Grail. Every show is different. There might be a script but you’d never know it as these master improvisational artists pull audience members into the troupe to join the play!


epcot2Canada is the first pavilion you will come to if you turn right as you go over the bridge from Future World.

Enter the movie theater to experience the 360 degree film O! Canada. This 14 minute presentation highlights the beautiful and diverse landscape of the country. Takes place every 20 minutes.

The Le Cellier restaurant is a steakhouse which is one of the most difficult restaurants to get a table for in the whole of Disney World.  Find it after you stroll through the Victoria Gardens.

This pavilion has its own mountain, waterfall, rushing stream, rocky canyon, mine, and splendid garden.   

You’ll find a wide variety of Canadian merchandise here, from maple candies to back packs and other accessories by Roots, to plush Husky pups, warm clothing and fragrant perfumes and colognes.  

One of the most popular music groups at Epcot also performs in Canada. They’re called Off-Kilter, and as soon as their drums, bagpipes, and guitars cue up, guests start scrambling to see the show. If you like what you hear, the group has CDs for sale in the Canadian shops.

epcotOff Kilter
Just next to Canada is a small stage with a bunch of wooden benches and some umbrellas to keep the sun off spectators. This is the home of Off Kilter, a  kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing Celtic rock group that performs traditional and original songs with a wacky sense of humor. Shows are 30 minutes long.


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